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Thread subject: Adult Opinions
Name Date Message
Mickey 04/16/07 06:21 pm I want to put in my log that last years Betty/Dennis eventually took control of the nest.
Would you agree or disagree ?
martyc35 04/16/07 06:33 pm Agree, and congrats on predicting the correct day!

Tiger 04/16/07 06:50 pm I would agree that this year's Betty and Dennis are the same as in 2005 and in 2006.

However they do seem to have a hard battle for the nest this year.

cathleen 04/16/07 07:37 pm Agreed, completely.
DaisyG 04/16/07 07:38 pm I agree Mickey, that this year's Betty and Dennis are the same couple we've had for the past two years.
Celeste 04/16/07 07:40 pm Yes, I agree, in the end Betty and Dennis of 05 and 06 were able to keep their nest. We witnessed an unusual start this year didn't we? Then again, who knows if such a thing has happened before, but the cam wasn't on at the time for us to witness.
And an annual refresher course for me, and, (for anyone who might not know), two to four eggs are laid one or two days apart, with later eggs being lighter and smaller than the first ones. This also means that the younger chicks are usually smaller and weaker than their older siblings and their survival rate is therefore much lower. The female will nest through the night, and the male when not fishing, will spend a lot of the time perched at or near the nest, guarding his female and eggs against intruders. Though females spend more time incubating, the male will give her a break and sometimes bring her a fish before he takes over helping. A shift can last several minutes or a few hours. The eggs will hatch 5-6 weeks after laying.
Mare 04/16/07 09:33 pm I agree Mickey, and it sure was touch and go for awhile.
lynn 04/16/07 09:35 pm Thanks Celeste, I was wondering about when subsequent eggs were laid. I didn't know about the later ones being smaller and that being why they were weaker ie; last years baby Flag.

cathy 04/17/07 12:15 am I thought last year there were a few new ospreys that landed on the nest when the new migrants arrived, but then finally this couple settled there.
Madeline 04/17/07 12:38 am I agree with you also Mickey. They do appear to be Betty and Dennis from last year, though I can't say anything about 2005 since I only caught part of the season.
Marie 04/17/07 02:12 am I would agree Mickey, that we may well have the same pair of ospreys this year as last. ;-)
Anne 04/17/07 12:16 pm I think they are definitely Betty and Dennis from 05 and 06.
Tim P 04/17/07 07:56 pm I agree that the presiding pair fought a tough battle to control the nest.
I wish we had more information on previous years.
I suspect the battles go on each year and each following year its harder for the pair to remain intact and maintain the nest. As younger & stronger osprey make challenges.
What Im hoping for is to actually see a dethroning of the presiding residents eventually.
That for me would somewhat complete the cycle of the osprey life and behaviors.
I understand having to see the demise of this pair as heirs to the nest would upset some on here but it is inevitable that this will occur one day.
Tiger 04/17/07 08:51 pm Over at Martha's Vineyard there was a bird called KC who in 2002 got back to his nest late and found an imposter in posession. KC managed to drive the imposter away.

In 2003 he also got back late and once again found another bird in posession. However this bird put up a fight and KC was defeated and injured at the same time. Two weeks later KC was found dead.

Thus defending the nest can be a risky business.

See KC Loses battle for nest
martyc35 04/18/07 12:33 am Oh, Tiger, you are such a realist:-).

I remember a pet cat named Winner who won and won and won until she was skin and bones at age 17, when she lost it all. I felt proud to bury her. And she was still Winner to me.
Tiger 04/18/07 10:13 am Oh Marty I got that wrong. It should have been "Evicting an imposter is a risky business".

That cat sound quite a champion.

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