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Name City State/ Province Country Comment
pam olsen wantagh new york usa its inspiring to see that there are other people in this world that care about preserving the environment and our ecosystem.
Sue and Pete Danowski Cutchogue New York USA We are very lucky to have an osprey platform/next right in front of our house on Mud Creek going out to the Peconic Bay in Cutchogue. This year we have one chick which has just become visible in the last 10 days. We look forward to their return every spring and especially enjoy hearing their calls all summer long.
Carl & Pat Hotton Oakdale New York USA We have two platforms here in Oakdale and they
are very busy with ospreys in season.They are
very close to Connetquot Preserve and it's fish
ponds,etc.They are such a joy.We've been following
them since the 1980's.There's a great restaurant in
seaford that's named for them.
bill wading river ny usa NA
Gary Feuer Coram NY USA I have been enjoying this web cam for several years now. It is a fascinating site. I used to see it on
Kudzu Atlanta GA US OF A This is my third most favorite site. I like the Eagles best, however, all raptors are wonders.

Grateful OBs and messages from ALL other sites are posted here and I applaude them. For Dennis, I know he is smiling from above, and saying he is happy to have brought these magnificant birds back into our lives.

This site is more informative than I could ever have found doing any google. The folks are wonderful. Helpful and full of information and compassion.

I bow to you all and thank PULESTON for keeping this site going.

Thanks to all - Nancy L.
Brian New Ipswich NH USA Love this site, been "lurking" for a few years now and thought I'd better sign in and help represent NH, USA
jeanne K Marion(Rochester) NY US I have been a lurker for three years now & though it was finally time to sign the guest book.

jeanne :-}
Cathy Rochester NY US Had forgotten to sign in myself! My first full season has been spectacular up to now. No other cam beats this one in its combo of quality video stream, picture and sound, not to mention the observation and message boards. We are SO lucky, thanks to dedicated people like Dennis, Betty, Dave, Tom and other volunteers who make this possible.
Cheryl Huntington New York USA It is fascinating just to watch the live cam, --but the addition of the sound makes this site really special. Thanks to all who make this site possible.

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