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Name City State/ Province Country Comment
casey p Arnold MD usa I love keeping up with the Ospreys. We named them Odie and Ophelia.
scully NA NA UK Its the best Birdcam i have seen. I watched it last year, and its great to feel 'almost' there.
Jack & Cathy West Chester Pennsylvania USA We have often seen the heads of osprey in their nests from our boat on the Chesapeake. This is fantastic to be able to see up close the goings on. Can't wait till they hatch!
Kathy I Port Jefferson NY USA Great fun to watch
booshkie Sydney New South Wales Australia It's fabulous watching the nesting process like this. I'm only sorry that Australia is sleeping for most of the time the daylight falls on the nest. But I still see a fair bit.
Paul Harryman St Andrews NA UK Found the Osprey Cam on 4 May at 1345 UK time. Excellent opportunity for me to see Osprey close up. Many thanks. Will continue to watch and await the arrival of young with bated breath
Jim Baird Concord MA USA I found this site last year and have enjoyed it very much.
I was very fortunate to have sailed with Dennis and
his daughter on the Polaris to beyound the North
Cape of Norway.
Leah George Jamestown Rhode Island USA This is my second season enjoying your osprey webcam. The Real Time camera is fantastic. I also watch an osprey webcam set up at Zeek's Creek in Jamestown, RI where I live. At my last sighting of eggs here, there where three.Our camera has an 8 second delay and the picture is not as clear as yours. Yours is my favorite! Thanks so much!
Sue Westmoreland County PA USA We have a pair of Osprey and have been watching them for years. On our property there is a small lake with 2 pr of Canadian Geese. The osprey have been dive bombing them all spring.
Peg Rowlett Texas U.S.A. I found your site two years ago, and fell in love. One night of high drama...I watched and listened as a big thunderstorm moved through. Thank you very much for such a wonderful gift.

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