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Name City State/ Province Country Comment
flighty Hatboro (near Philadelphia) Pennsylvania USA (8/10/2005) Very nice site. Sorry I didn't get to see the Osprey hatchlings. Always next year.
>>> Earle
Madeline Bay Shore New York USA Amazing, I never signed the Guest Book till now,at the end of the season. I'm so glad to be able to share the love of these birds with other people. This is my first year with a computer and I LOVE this site. It's great hearing and seeing live feed, and being able to discuss the happenings in the nest. Thanks to the Dennis Puleston Opsrey Fund for providing such a wonderful site.
ednaca Calgary Alberta Canada Many thanks for this incredible site. jh
Gib Durham NC USA Not sure if this was ever completed - so here goes....what a terrific site - from the first egg of 2005 to the fledging of Brook and Haven in mid July, we've enjoyed it all. Many thanks and continnued success in the future. Jordan Lake in Durham, NC has many osprey thriving and we have folks like Dennis and your tireless team to thank!
Dionisia Bristol NA UK It's a shame that I didn't get info on this sight untill a couple of days ago. Fantastic birds, viewing and sound! we're not used to this quality in the UK. I'll be back next year to watch it all.Thanks.
Chrissy Beahan Worcester U.K. NA I would just like to say, what a wonderful sight, we all have been watching the Peregrine webcam in London, but we do not get any sound, just live pictures. To hear the chicks [Osprey] is fabulous, they are so noisey, all I can say is Thank you for such amazing footage. We are loosing our beloved Peregrine teenagers, today, I think, it's fledging time for all three, their names are Wobble, Humble and Oddie. Thank you once again, Chrissy.
Phaedra London NA England Have been an avid watcher of this marvellous site for some time now. I will miss it when the young have flown. I just hope all will go well for them. In the meantime, I shall keep checking at least once a day!! Thanks to all concerned, it really is a pleasure.
Elainemc NA Co. Down N. Ireland UK Just got site from BBC message board today. Sorry I have missed so much time this year. It is a great site and a wonderful webcam
Adelaide Adelaide NA Australia I am really going to miss this site. I have been watching for months now and it is going to leave a large gap in my evenings. I wish those two chicks a wonderful life as they fly down the valley!
Lisa May Casco WI United States A great big THANK YOU to everyone involved in this cam. One of the best I have seen. It is a privilage to be a guest here.

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