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Name City State/ Province Country Comment
Talcott Scovill East Hampton NA U.S.A. Sometimes I can View, many times not. Am Disappointed :(
EvaP Albany NY USA Visited Woods Hole Osprey nest while vacationing in Cape Cod. While taking pictures, a gentleman kindly stopped his car and gave us the web site for the osprey cam. I am so grateful! But, after two days of viewing while in Cape Cod, I am now back home and unable to view any more. It was great while it lasted! I hope it will be up and running again soon!!
Laurie Metter Chattanooga TN USA My father Ray Metter knew the Pulestons. In 1966 my parents and I visited their L.I. home - a side trip from the NY World's Fair. I recall nothing of the Fair, but ALL of our visit. The Puleston family were wonderful, warm & fascinating. Animals everywhere, their welcoming informality encouraged my endless questions. We sailed at night; they taught me about phosphorescent organisms. Marshgrass, their aged Cockatoo, even a bird - pigeon? - named Sea Biscuit, who enoyed the shelter of their home after being too injured to fly. Their homemade projection room for family movies - all around was creativity and respect for earth and its creatures. I seem to remember some kind of reptile in the bathtub. I was awakened well before dawn and rushed breathlessly to the fine nets set up to catch birds for banding. They taught me how to gently release ensnared birds - I held a stovebird in my child's hands! - learned how to collect the valuable data on each bird and record it, and watched as they banded its leg, so gently. My father shared Dennis' respect and love for nature, and I've been a lifelong conservationist and supporter of habitat preservation. (I remember the comments about the Duck Farm, censored a bit for my young ears) To Betty, Peter and Sally - you left a very strong impression on me, and my late father Ray adored Dennis. Pop retired from the government in 1977 or so, but always spoke with obvious love of his friend Dennis. I always wanted you to know how very much you taught me in that two-day visit, and how those values were shared and passed along. I will never forget you.
Tal Scovill East Hampton CT U.S.A. Enjoyed the camera when it works.
Sharon Bohemia NY Suffolk I read and re-read my copy of A Nature Journal -- while kayaking the Carmans River, I think of him often. Thank you.
Carol L. Otis Portland Or United States I am just beginning to use this site. thank you for all the great information. I live In Portland Oregon about 350 feet from an urban osprey nest at the south waterfront area.
Paul East Hampton NY NA NA
Judi Brookhaven NY USA I am looking forward to another interesting year with the ospreys of Brookhaven.
Kerry Indianapolis IN USA Love to watch raptors of all kinds. Here in Indy we have a falcon nest and have had the same male for over 15 years who has fathered 54 offspring! That's our Kinney!!
Blayne Calgary Alberta Canada Your doing good work. You should be proud. Great site.

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