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Name City State/ Province Country Comment
Barbara Sea Cliff/Greenport L.I. New York USA This is my third year with the cam but unfortunately I changed jobs and cannot view the live picture anymore! I'm having cam withdrawal. Thank you all for keeping me up on the goings-on. I observe Ozzie Osprey & Harriet at the nest at our marina in Greenport so I can keep up with you guys somewhat. Lots of occupied nests out east this year.
Debbie Kujawski Southold NY USA My son's 5th grade class has been viewing this site and they seem very excited. I decided to show it to my Kindergarten class and they were so interested in the feeding an caring for the babies. We are hatching duck/chick eggs in our class so this was a great way for them to see the process as it is in nature.
Dave Leicester Leics England Very interesting watching the Osrpeys, shame about the rough weather they are having.
Sandy Helena Montana USA We have Osprey out here too! It's nice to see inside the nest, hear the other birds, planes, cars, sirens and WIND!!!! I found this as a link from the peregrine falcon camera site. keep up the good work!
Linda Sullivan Wading River NY USA This is just fasinating! Thanks so much for taking the time to do it!
Gerry B. Cortland N.Y. NA We moved up here from Brookhaven - I enjoy viewing the nest
Melanie D. Fairfield CT NA For the third year, this remains my favorite cam site by far. I love the live feed with sound! I appreciate all the work that goes into providing this.
Audrey London, NA England
Have been a regular viewer of the webcam to keep up to date on Betty & Dennis.. Thanks to all concerned for a brilliant site.
WildMaven Las Vegas NV USA Wow, what a great cam! Unfortunately, I'm on the west coast so I can only catch it in the early morning before leaving for work! It's the talk of my wildlife watching board, that's for sure! Wonderful job!
Marian -
patb sarasota florida usa This is my first year watching the osprey cam. I can't begin to tell you how much I am enjoying it. I have an African Grey and he likes watching with me. Of course , he is mocking all the different bird calls! Thank you so much for this site.

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