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Name City State/ Province Country Comment
Rob W. East Moriches New York NA NA
Rick Simon Warren Ontario Canada Just found this site....I'll be watching whenever I can.
I've been keeping tabs on a nest near my home (from a distance, of course).....this site give a better idea of what's going on in the nest.
Keep on birding!...and thanks for the chance to watch!
Mike W. Columbia Tennessee USA Thanks for a cool website. I came upon your website today and I like it. Ilike the way that the video and sound are so real. I also found this on, which is, unfortunately, shutting down. I only wish that the cam wasn't in a rural area that had trains and dogs in the background. The geese and birds are cool, though. Continued success!
Kevin Wright Ipswich NA UK Just got back from watching some Osprey in the UK, in the Lake District, we don't seem to get live streaming, so it is great to see yours.
Zabby Scott Paris NA France Today, May 1, 2005, I was talking to my husband, Michael Ince, on the phone from Paris, France while I watched Mme Osprey sitting on her eggs just a few hundred yards from Michael and our home at the end of Burnett Lane. A pair of geese flew over the Osprey nest and their honking caused Mme Osprey to follow their flight and sound as she turned her head. ...and a few seconds later, I heard the geese again behind Michael's voice on the phone. As the Ospreys' world gets bigger, ours gets smaller!
jack snipe accrington lancashire uk nice towatch goodluck
Grant Sherman Ilfracombe Devon UK I just found your excellent site via the Rutland Water web site. I'm off to Rutland next week to see 'our' Ospreys (hopefully!)
Cumbrian Pip Blackpool Lancashire England Found this site today via an English Osprey website.
This site is awesome!
Good Luck to all concerned and Thank You
Kathy S. Bellmore NY USA I am thrilled for a third season of osprey watching. Betty & Dennis never cease to amaze me with the care & protection of their young. I am humbled by nature's lessons and awed by the beauty of these birds. I am forever grateful for Dennis Puleston's contributioin to the future of these magnificant birds, and all the raptors on LI. I give a cry of happiness everytime I see a hawk, and amazingly, it's live on the web and sitting on the light posts of the local parkways every day!
Alan Hart Lichfield NA England Brilliant site.

It's my first and last call eyery day

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