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Thread subject: Name That Bird...
Name Date Message
Cecilia 05/13/04 09:13 am And so it begins! The first chick looks great. Congratulations Lori. For picking the right date you win our undying admiration :-)

Has anyone been thinking about names? It seems like there might have been some suggestions early on but I'm too lazy to scroll back through all of those posts. Anyone remember?

I've been trying to think of names that aren't gender specific and will work for all four chicks (assuming...) The only group that I can come up with is "Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall". Lame, I know, but not totally impossible.

I'm heading out for most of the day so I leave it in "your" hands. Good luck and no fighting :-)
Shelley 05/13/04 09:46 am We just yesterday succeeded in downloading the Real Player to our class computer so we can watch the live streaming video! My 6,7, and 8-year old students are thrilled and excited by this, particularly as we are learning about birds right now.

We voted for *Peeper*, as the name for our first little one! :-)
Stella 05/13/04 10:50 am So excited, anyway my pick for a name is Adam since he is the first born, we can keep it alphabetical after that
Mickey 05/13/04 11:30 am I know for last year we waited for the dust to settle in the nest environment till we named them.I for one am glad we waited so I wasnt haunted by #3`s name. I know its infantile but Im just glad it was a number.
YEA WE HAVE A CHICK ! Mazel Tov Betty & Dennis !!!
Get Smarty 05/13/04 11:58 am Mazel Tov, ayy?
Why don't you call it Shmendrick?
Followed by Petseleh, Shlemiel and Shmutzik.
Celeste 05/13/04 12:03 pm I agree with Mickey. Last year we referred to the chicks as chick 1, chick 2, and chick 3. We named the chicks the 4th of July weekend and we called them Liberty and Freedom, which Newsday ultimately referred to when they wrote about the nest. It is best to let the "dust" settle, and also the chicks do develop their own "personalities".
Kathy 05/13/04 12:58 pm I agree with Celeste and Mickey, let the "dust" settle. Let's enjoy the hatchings and watching them grow.
Stella 05/13/04 01:32 pm This is my first year on the Osprey cam. How many eggs were laid last year, only two? What are the odds that all four chicks will survive long enough to fly, hopefully all. Want to watch when they take that first flight.
Mickey 05/13/04 01:45 pm Stella........4 eggs were laid......4 hatched.....the 4th never lived to see the next day.....the 3rd chick I think only lasted about 2 weeks.
2 chicks fledged with success!
Tim 05/13/04 03:18 pm ShellyI'm very happy for your students to be able to share in this experience.I'm sure they will enjoy it.
Hopefully they can share this site at home and continue to educate others to respect and appreciate nature.
Cecilia 05/13/04 03:28 pm No wonder I couldn't remember when the chicks were named last year...I was out of town that weekend. I know your're right Mickey, etc...anything could happen by the time all 4 of them hatch. Were chick 3 & 4 "gone" by the time you named them last year?
Mickey 05/13/04 03:58 pm yes Cecilia they were. #4 didnt make the next day after hatching. You know the story about #3. It was only 1&2 present at the time of naming.I think you were out East?
Stella 05/13/04 04:01 pm Thanks Mickey.
Matt 05/13/04 08:29 pm We could name them Tom and Dave in honor for their hard work at keeping the cam working and improving the site for all of us to enjoy.

Thanks guys!!!

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