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Thread subject: Fishing Success
Name Date Message
Mickey 05/15/04 04:14 pm I couldnt be happier the way Dennis has been providing fish. Things are really looking good arent they? Before heading off to the Ocean this morning I observed that huge fish he brought that you all wrote about so well.That was a bluefish and had to be 2-4 pounds.Hard to tell without its head. And now I just looked in at 4:06 and there was the tail end of a fish in the 5pm position and Betty was just roosting and not interested in it. This has to be a good sign that fish are plentiful and hes fishing successfully and everyone IN the nest is full. I`ve had the pleasure of emailing back and forth with several people from here and one thing we constantly say in unison is how well this Breeding Pair are doing
this year. Lets hope that he continues being such a great provider ! Oh and the Ocean was a perfect 10 today ! No bugs, no humidity, no crowds and flew my kites :)
Shelley 05/15/04 05:48 pm Exactly how many kites do you fly at one time??? And what kind of kites? That must be so cool!!

Hey, do you have pics???
Mickey 05/16/04 01:19 pm Hi Shelly. I own 3 kinds of kites.All 3 are flown the same way though. (with 2 strings,controls)The string is made of kevlar and is 180 pound test.Each is about 120 feet long.
One is called a "rainbow" and is upside down V shapped.
The other is called a foil.Its the shape of a stunt parachute. But much smaller. 3`x2`.I seldom get to fly this because it can lift me and the wheelchair up off the ground.
The other is called Peter Powells.Mine are 3 footers and these are diamond shaped.I cant fly the 4 footers.(same reason as the foil) I fly 3 of these at a time. Its like a train.These are the prettiest in the air as they have 50 foot tails attached to each kite that fill up with air when flown.I will look for pictures of these. The site is down now or out of bussiness.
Shelley 05/16/04 03:45 pm The pic you gave the url for, above, is excellent! Wow, those are gorgeous kites!! Are those your own or is this just an example of the kind you have? I really know nothing about kites but have always been mesmerized by their grace and beauty.

Thanks for this info, Mickey
Mickey 05/16/04 04:33 pm Heres mine in mid air yesterday.

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