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Thread subject: A Few Random Thoughts:
Name Date Message
Mickey 04/03/04 07:34 pm Last year I found this cam while the eggs were hatching I think. This year I have been able to watch from the Adults arrival. Thank you DPOF. I marvel that the Adults travel so far and then return to the exact same place they were at last year. Im amazed at how the adults interact with each other. Its the little things like him bringing her gift fish. I wish we had a still picture from below of Dennis in mid flight with the "trees" hes been bringing up to the nest. LOL What a sight that must have been ! I hope theres a reason the adults are making the nest small around. There has to be a reason. Everything they do has a reason, so why not this? Perhaps after the eggs hatch do the adults expand the inner circle making the nest bigger and flatter like last year. Lastly, Im prepared for what the chicks will do to each other this year. Lets hope that whatever Betty lays egg wise all hatch within minutes of each other. (I know Im dreaming) LoL I also miss some of the regulars who posted their obs last year. Where are you all?

Celeste 04/03/04 10:40 pm Ditto, ditto!! (I am HERE Mickey)!!! I also remember observing this site at this time last year, but was hesitant about participating on the message board. It was something I thought I would never do! However, as you know, we soon all became a "community". Hopefully, as the eggs hatch, summer is in the air, etc., etc. more and more will remember and participate. Also, even though Newsday has concluded their Natural World series, hopefully, they will from time to time mention this site as a reminder to people how important it is to preserve this bird and help it flourish, which in turn affects our enviornment in very positive ways. Besides educating people, I believe DPOF hopes that by enlightening people to this site, our support will keep their goals flourishing. Oh, and Mickey, I am so relieved to hear that you will not be using a "bucket truck" to rescue any chicks. Although we were very uncomfortable with what can happen in the nest, we are all wiser this year!
RonS 04/03/04 10:44 pm Hi Mickey,
To add to your random thoughts; today was the first time I have done a lot of computer work with the cam on in the corner of the screen so I could observe a good portion of the day. I'm amazed at the industriousness of both birds as they constantly improve the nest and take mating interludes ;-) in between building sessions.
I was watching how they use that big branch to land on, brace themselves when building and as a strop for sharpening and cleaning their beaks.
I also notice that the branch is forcing them into the upper portion of the nest. I'm hopeful that if the grass from last year regrows, the branch will keep the chicks in full view.
Adding to your thoughts, if I may... 04/04/04 07:24 am I am new here this year, having only recently *discovered* this site. A friend of mine who lives in Long Island told me about it and I am now totally addicted! I have been a fan and follower of the Kent, Washington eaglecam for 3 seasons now (it is a wonderful site, as well) but this is the first *streaming video* cam I've found and this elevates cam-watching to a whole new level, if you know what I mean!

I spent a good portion of yesterday evening catching up by looking at and reading last year's observations and video clips, as suggested by one of you earlier, in response to some of my posts and questions. WOW! is all I can say. It's wonderful, and several of my questions were, indeed, answered.

I also noticed how busy Dennis and Betty were yesterday. I noticed the frequent beaking sharpening and head bobbing (which was answered in my reading!)and also, the fish exchanges. I see that one of them (possibly both, not sure)seems to burrow her tummy down into the nest bowl after arranging some twigs, as if to shape and mold the bowl, readying it for the big moment.

I hope I haven't rambled on too much here, just wanted to add to your thoughts. I have a feeling I will become one of your *regulars*....;-)
Celeste 04/04/04 09:10 am sounds like you have "caught osprey observation fever". Enjoy!
Shelley 04/04/04 11:13 am OOPS! Looks like I forgot to put my name in that long-winded post of mine! Sorry!

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