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Thread subject: re *Pale Male*
Name Date Message
Shelley 05/16/04 09:38 pm I tried to post this as a follow-up message but it wouldn't let me. Kept prompting me to enter a name and subject, as if I was posting a new message. Finally, I just decided to do just that. Here's what I tried to post:

OH NO!!! I didn't know about this!!! Waaaa!!!! I just finished reading the book that this was based on and LOVED IT!!! It was called "Red-Tails In Love" by Marie Winn. Oh, I would have soooo loved to have seen this and taped it! Hopefully, it will be on in reruns at some point. Was it on the PBS station out of Buffalo, NY? Maybe I'll write them and ask when they can/will rerun it
Tim 05/17/04 05:42 am Hi Shelly, the program was aired on PBS via NYC.
It is available on VHS , you may try looking @
Shelley 05/17/04 06:23 am I just saw the following message on the Kent, Washington egelcam message board:

"I just watched the most extraordinary show on red tail hawks nesting for the first time in the heart of New York City. It's the story of Pale Male as he was named and shows him raising his family right on 5th Avenue. It's scheduled to be re-broadcast here in the Seattle viewing area next Saturday the 22nd at 7:00PM. I highly recommend those in other viewing areas go to to see when it will be re-broadcast in your area. Enjoy!"

I am kicking myself that I never checked my tv guide last night!! I am going to try to contact our PBS station and see if we, too, will have it rebroadcast. Pout, pout, pout! (If not, I will contact a friend in Washington state and beg shamelessly for her to tape it for me! ;-)
Celeste 05/17/04 06:30 am I watched it too Shelley. It was exactly like the book you recommended. It was beautiful and can be bought from PBS.Org if you'd like a copy, OR, you can see it when it will be broadcast in Toronto. You'll love it.
Shelley 05/17/04 07:16 am YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! I just checked with and found out, by looking at my local listings, that it IS being rebroadcast on Wednesday morning, May 19, very early. In fact, it is at midnight (12:00 a.m.) on PBS. If you are served by Buffalo's WNED PBS station, this is for you, too.

You can bet my VCR will be programmed before I even leave for work today!!! WHEW!!!!!

local broadcast listings:

behind the scenes of the show:
Kathy 05/17/04 10:24 am Thank you everyone for the information about obtaining this program. I turned my TV on too late and watched the last 10-15 minutes. I was disappointed I didn't know sooner.

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