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Thread subject: QUOTES regarding the survival of chicks from Blackwater Md. Osprey Link
Name Date Message
Celeste 05/20/04 05:08 pm The Blackwater, Maryland Osprey Cam, uses the following quote from Gressner's Osprey Bk, that Cecilia and I recommend highly for all who are interested in learning about osprey on a more "personal" level.....

Author David Gessner witnessed a fatal chick attack while observing an osprey nest in the Cape Cod area, a story which he details in his book "Return of the Osprey." Although he admits he was at first angry with the mother osprey for not preventing the attack, he said he later realized that he was judging the mother by human terms and that osprey families operate differently.

As Alan Poole has pointed out, "Parents never interfere in such squabbles, apparently because it fits their interests to raise one or two well-fed young, instead of the three or four weak ones that would result if scarce food were shared equally." Ospreys have been common in the northern hemisphere for the last 10 to 15 million years, so it is safe to say that their method for raising young is beneficial for the species.

The above was copied from their website "log".
When things get "rough" in the nest, I thought these quotes might be helpful.

Cecilia 05/20/04 06:10 pm When I went back to Gessner's book yesterday to see if 3 chicks had been raised successfully (to answer Ron's question) I re-read the whole chapter that dealt with the nest that he could see the best. It was pretty much identical to what we saw last year except that the third chick survived the pecking and managed to get just enough food to stay alive. Gessner hated him when he killed his sibling but then rooted for him when he became the under dog.

I agree with everything Poole said but seeing right into the nest, the way we can with this cam, puts us right in the middle of the age old survival of the fittest battle. I wish I had the stomach to tough it out but it just tears me up so I'm joining Mickey and Barbara and turning off the cam for the next few weeks. I wish every one well and I'll check back in eventually.
Shelley 05/20/04 07:07 pm This being my first season here with you all (and the ospreys, of course!), I haven't witnessed what you have and to be honest, I don't think I will be able to watch, knowing what's coming. But I will still check in on this board daily because, somehow, we have become surrogate family and, in good times or in bad, family should stick together.

Last year, when the Kent, Washington eagles' nest failed, it was heartbreakig and tragic yet, we survived it BECAUSE of that message board. That was truly something unexpected but wonderful (for me, anyhow).

The technology that allows us to witness the miracles of the nest, can also allow us to join hands for support and strength across time and space.

Shelley, hands outstretched....anyone?
Celeste 05/20/04 07:14 pm Right on Shelley!!!! Here's my hand!
Kathy 05/20/04 07:33 pm Shelley and Celeste, here is my hand also!!
Lori 05/20/04 10:18 pm my arms and heart are always wide open for you all. Just say the word
RonS 05/21/04 08:22 am As I have said before, it's our humainty that ties us in knots. But it that same humanity that enables us, as a group of like-minded friends, to get through things that, as individuals, we might not be able to endure.

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