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Thread subject: Attempt at Clarification
Name Date Message
Shelley 05/30/04 02:02 pm Ok, I will try to clarify, since things seem to be getting a bit confused or muddled lately. Please, folks, correct me if I'm getting this wrong (I'm new to this site this year, too).

My understanding is that the purpose of the Observaton Database (link in the menu to the left) is strictly to record behavioural and/or factual events and observations of the nest, such as the number of eggs, chicks (once they've hatched), growth, feedings, intruders, other wildlife seen in or around the nest. Just the facts. The time stamp helps the people at DPOF find video clips of our observations in order to review, verify and preserve, not to mention, record, for educational purposes.

THIS message board is meant more for commentary, questions, info exchange, humour, support (such as when we are upset by the violence in the nest and just need to discuss our feelings about it). It is here that we can discuss info we've learned in books, alert others to worthwhile books, movies, tv specials, post links to photos we've taken or captured, and just talk about events happening in our lives that may be of general interest. Just a getting-to-know-one-another type of place to get together and chat.

I know that when someone new *discovers* a site like this for the first time, it is so exciting and it is instinctive to want to jump right in. Folks here are pretty welcoming and newcomers (and I speak from experience!) really do feel included quickly. But yes, it is easy to confuse the subtle differences between the two forums, this board and the Observation Database. A good idea, of course, is to try to read back and catch up a bit, just so as to know and get a feel of what is going on, before jumping in.

My previous post about the poop, well, yes, it WAS an observation, for sure. But, in my mind, I had to report it that way, with humour, and I just felt that this was the place for that. I tend to think of the observation board as more, well, more formal. I guess there is some room for overlap but when I want to be *subjective* (as opposed to factual and objective), it's here I'll come to post.

I never want to step on anyone's toes and I hope that this post is just helpful and not taken the wrong way. I won't be insulted if anyone disagrees; in fact, if I'm off-base, PLEASE tell me and set me straight. What I've written here is just my own understanding of how things work here; goodness knows, I've been wrong before!

Dave S 05/30/04 04:59 pm You have explained the idea of the two areas quite well. The observation database is for posting observations from the nest; the message board is for information exchange, commentary and follow-up. That is why the observation board does not have threads like the message board, where you can post replies to specific topics.

You are all doing a great job sharing the experience and helping us all learn about the Osprey.
Shelley 05/30/04 05:33 pm WHEW! :-) Thanks, Dave!

So, how bad does *empty nest syndrome* get, after they all leave for the there a support group...? ;-)
Dave S 05/30/04 06:54 pm Yes, there is a group that can give relief, it's called "Family and Friends", they will welcome you back from the computer!
Mickey 05/31/04 07:20 pm You`ve nailed it perfectly. I can only speak for myself but I made more then my share of poop rocket posts in the wrong forum last year(obs page) To this day, 2nd year watching I still laugh out loud when a little one gets off such a strong rocket that it lurches them forward! If you`ve been watching for a while just ask yourself this. How many times have you had the cam minimized to the taskbr doing "real work "and heard that familiar squirt and laughed fully knowing what it was.
Hello.My name is Mickey and Im a Osprey Addict :)

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