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Thread subject: Wonderful Webcam
Name Date Message
Tiger 06/04/04 01:56 pm Must say that this is a wonderful webcam. It is a real advance on all others I have seen.

Mind you I have had to revise some of my ideas about what goes on in an osprey nest. I had not realised that meal times were so traumatic if you are the weaker baby.

Shelley 06/04/04 06:44 pm Welcome, Tiger! This is my first year here, too and I couldn't agree with you more, about how, wonderful this site and cam are.

As far as *revising ideas* about what we know, I have been thinking about that lately. If this is, indeed, the first time that a live cam has observed ospreys from within the nest, then it may very well be making history, in the current knowledge of osprey behaviour and development. Just as Jane Goodall turned the world on its ear in the early 1960's with her studies in Africa and forced us to rewrite the book on what we knew up to that point about chimpanzee behaviour and intelligence, as compared to ours, so too might this DPOF cam and observation database expand the boundaries of knowledge of this species. I feel so priviledged to be part of such an adventure!
Celeste 06/04/04 06:47 pm I agree, I think in some small way our observations are definitely increasing knowledge of this bird. As always, thank you DPOF.
Tiger 06/04/04 06:58 pm I have been interested in ospreys since 1978 when I read a book about how they came back to the Scottish Highlands in 1954 after an absence of nearly 40 years.

Regular breeding has built up the Scottish population to about 160 pairs. However because of the way they do not spread out a project was started in 1996 to translocate them to England.

This took the form of taking 8 to 12 chicks down to Rutland Water each year and teaching them that they are English not Scottish.

This project finally bore fruit in 2001 when the first osprey was hatched in England for 150 years.

However as so often with these things they came back naturally to the Lake District in exactly the same year. So actually in 2001 not one one but two young ospreys flew south.

However there is some concern this year at Rutland Water because there are about 7 males and only one female.

Still we hope to have more young ospreys in the next few days.

The Internet is such a wonderful tool for keeping us up with developments.

Shelley 06/04/04 07:21 pm Tiger, do you live in Scotland? Or England? I love it when we have posters from all over the map!! Marie and I are in Canada (she is on the west coast, I'm in Ontario) and most others are from the States. We do have a poster, Pam, from England, too.

Wish we had a map here on this site. DPOF, bravenet has a terrific map feature that I know the Kent eagle site uses (as does another wildlife watching site I frequent). I know nothing about how to set it up or if it's a feasible possibility but it sure would be cool!
Tiger 06/04/04 07:28 pm I live in Hampstead, LONDON, England. However I spent 6 years at University in Edinburgh. Thus I know Scotland quite well.

Yes I find it quite amazing that people from all over the world are looking in on this one nest.

The other day when people were worrying about the fate of #4 I could not help thinking of the lots and lots of birds who were dying anonymously at the same time.

Tiger 06/04/04 07:35 pm The fascinating story of the translocation project is at

It also contained a very interesting tracking experiment. This is where radios were attached to ospreys and they were tracked on their migrations.

Marie 06/04/04 11:29 pm Welcome Tiger, I am too originally from London England. Just got back from a three week stint visiting family over there. I hope you will enjoy this site. It is awesome! I know you have only 'Just Begun' to check this cam out, but believe me after a few hours of viewing you too will become 'HOOKED'. The time invested by each of us with this family of Ospreys creates a network of "surrogate parents". I think I can speak for many of us that when something happens in the nest we feel it as though it had happened to one of our own. I know I feel the joy too of each new milestone that a chick makes. I plugged into the RSPB last night and read all about the OSPREY success in Scotland. Facinating info. Will head to your recommended site this evening. Ospreys are very special BIRDS. I hope you have many hours of wonderful viewing here of a bird that you admire so much.
Celeste 06/04/04 11:44 pm There is nothing more I could add Marie, well said!
Marie 06/05/04 12:03 am Thank you Celeste.
Tiger 06/05/04 04:21 am Oh the soap opera of Henry and EJ at the RSPB site. Oh that is really interesting. After two whole years without any chicks at Loch Garten there has been success at last with three young ones. Mind you it is so much more frustrating there as one has to wait days for each new report.

Still I am following the fortunes of the Loch Garten, the Loch of Lowes, The Lake District and the Rutland water ospreys with interest. I have heard a rumour that there is a second nest in the Lake District this year.

Yes I can see how you follow every move of the chicks here.

Marie 06/05/04 11:38 am As I said earlier, Tiger...this is the BEST cam ever and once you are here you never wnat to go let go. 'It is like having your own fish stuck in your talon.' Tough to let go. Going elsewhere to watch NATURE is so much slower...streaming video is the best it seems to me. Once one has tasted the big fish, a gold fish is no longer satisfying in my opinion. But I do try fishing in other places too... ;-))
Tiger 06/05/04 11:48 am Oh I know exactly what you mean. I started to watch at dawn today thinking that Dennis would quickly suply a fish. Oh how wrong I was as the fish did not appear to near 10am.

I kept on thinking well it must be soon!

Mind you I did see many other interesting things.

I do agree that this is the king of webcams and where others will surely folow.

Having a forum attached is a great move too. I am a big fan of forums.

Tiger 06/05/04 11:49 am Oh the good news from the Lake District is that at least one chick has hatched.

Marie 06/05/04 12:42 pm Hello Tiger...I have just spent the last 45 mins searching your sites in England...great stuff. Went on to Scotland then back to Blackwater Osprey cam and their compiled info at Cambridge, Maryland. There, the third chick died recently so it happens everywhere. They have great info on Chick development and the stages of downx2, reptilian stage and feathering. Facinating stuff!
Tiger 06/05/04 07:30 pm Great to hear that you checked out those sites. I find the translocation experiment particularly fascinating.

I will have a look at the sites you refer to.

Celeste 06/06/04 06:01 am As I read the conversation above to myself, one thought kept coming to me what a "miracle" the internet is and how this world is filled with wonderful "beings" sharing this life on "our" earth. Another impression is how this site has attracted wonderful people from all over the world. I wonder if DPOF ever realized when they first thought of this project what a "network" of people from all over the world we would be become! There hopes I know was for enlightment of this wonderful bird, but they also achieved much more than that I am sure.
Shelley 06/06/04 07:01 am Celeste, you are so right! I have often thought that very thing, myself. I had always been a letter-writer, before the days of computer and I was late to get with the programme, so to speak, because I feared it would kill that love I had. And while it has curbed the pen and paper correspondence somewhat, it has also opened doors to communication that I could never have imagined, in exactly the way you described!

It really is a miracle, in a way... :-)
Tiger 06/06/04 07:59 am Oh I agree so much with both your comments. I first posted on a message board on the 25th May 1999 and life was forever different.

This board gives me slightly mixed feelings. I urged the Rutland Water site to establish a board like this a number of years ago but the reaction was negative. The success of this board suggests that I was right.

But yes it is a truly amazing tool and I am always slightly frustrated with those people who cast doubt of the power of this medium without really having tried it.

I am already very friendly with someone from Farmingville, Long Island through forums on a very different subject. It now seems I have a completely new interest in Long Island.

Mickey 06/06/04 10:20 am those people in Farmingville are 10-15 minutes from the nest (maybe less if they are in east Farmingville)

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