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Thread subject: Fishing Questions
Name Date Message
Mickey 06/04/04 02:02 pm When you go fishing are you more successful on:
clear sunny days?
cloudy overcast days?
rainy dreary ugly days?
Do fish become more active when its sunny and warm?
Are fish easier to spot from high above if the weather hasnt been stiring the waters bottoms up?
Its a fact that this years Spring has been dryer and sunnier then last years. Its also a fact that the fish this year have been bigger and there have been more brought to the nest.Though this last sentence could have nothing to do with weather and be because the adults are another year wiser. Wadda say fishing people?
Celeste 06/04/04 06:33 pm I asked my husband who loves to fish on his beloved lakes in Canada, and he says there our many thoughts about why fish are available, etc. He did say he knows for sure that it is easier to catch fish on a cloudy overcast day. I also read that even osprey can see a fish better when the rays of the sun are not shining directly on the water. And as my husband noted, it depends if the fish are coming from muddy waters, obviously if the mud stays settled on a day that is not windy, the water is clear which makes fish more visible.
Shelley 06/04/04 06:46 pm I also asked a fishing friend of mine and will post her answers as soon as I hear from her (if she doesn't post them herself!)
Matt 06/04/04 07:25 pm As Celeste said, cloudy, overcast and calm water. The sun shining overhead on the water creates a mirror effect. These windy days we have had lately make it hard for them to see clearly under the water.
Bill 06/04/04 08:19 pm Today was a bright sunny day. From reading the obs Dennis did pretty good.
Marian 06/05/04 02:28 pm I've been most successful on either clear, sunny days or overcast days. Rainy days churn up the water too much, making the bait harder to see. However, if you're looking at it from a feathered predator point of view, the best day would be an overcast day, so that the bird doesn't cast a shadow onto the water, and to avoid, as Matt said, the sun glare on the water. Guess it would also depend on the angle of the sun. Early morning and early evening would be the best times. Calm water is the best, too. Fish become more active after several warm days in a row. It's also important to note any insect swarms. The more insects flitting around a river/stream, the better the "bite."


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