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Thread subject: Fish pond
Name Date Message
Matt 06/06/04 11:01 am Someone has been having their goldfish pond raided in the past few days. This morning Dennis brought another red goldfish.
Shelley 06/06/04 12:31 pm No kidding!! Dennis just arrived this minute with yet another goldfish!!!
Tiger 06/06/04 01:20 pm Is this Dennis taking the easy option? It is not likely to make him popular with the people who had the goldfish.

Marie 06/06/04 02:26 pm I believe Nancy and Rich together accounted for nine Osprey nests within this area a few days ago. Nancy reported four active nests within our immediate area of the nest cam. If this is the case we have a lot of male Osprey fishing in a river that perhaps can't support all these Osprey families. If this is the case it is the luck of the draw and who is the best fishing osprey. Being at the right place and at the right time has some meaning in this case. Perhaps Dennis has found a goldmine at some human's KOI???? ornamental pond. At this rate he will run out of exotic fish and put himself at conflict with Humans. Just my humble opinion
Tim 06/06/04 03:34 pm I do also think the male is compensatiting the lack of good fishing by visiting the domestic fish pond.
In regard to the other nesting Osprey in the area that Nacy & Rich mention.
There are several rivers between the nesting sites Marie, and nearly 10 miles between also.
This nest your watching has a salt water bay at one end and a fresh water lake at the other.
I just think the fishing has been bad. I've been to the docks and have been getting similiar information from the local fishermen.
Marie 06/06/04 04:17 pm Ah thanks TIM, that gives some perspective to the geographical location and the availability of fish in the several rivers around the osprey nests. Sounds much better than I had imagined.
Mickey 06/06/04 07:36 pm Tims right. The nests Nancy+Rich are talking about are at least 10 miles West. Not only does Dennis have a stocked fresh water lake with a active stream that empties into the Great South Bay to fish from but he also is less then a 1/4 of a mile from the Atlantic Ocean. If you were in the nest you could see from the lake to the ocean.

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