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Thread subject: White Storks of Germany.
Name Date Message
Marie 06/13/04 12:45 pm I just checked into that site...streaming video is just like DPOC with all the noises of the highway and peoples voises down below. The young chicks do the neck stretching and 'CLATTER' sound whilst their head and neck are arched back over their backs. This is incredible for it would appear this behaviour is an inheirent trait rather than a learned triat. The little one #4 there seems so tiny among its siblings, but I haven't seen any aggression toward it YET. I wonder what will be come of it?
Pam 06/13/04 01:22 pm Marie, could you please let me have a note of the German stork nest site - I haven't seen this one. Many thanks.
Marie 06/13/04 01:38 pm the web site that I have is...
Just another bird watching site to keep me away from the real world and my chores/WORK. ;-))
Matt 06/13/04 03:23 pm I took a look at the site. Looks nice. I went through the picture archives and noticed a yield sign. I don't think this is for cars, I think its more for other birds/geese/ducks flying to yield to the stork as they take off, especially when the storks have to deliver babies.

I have heard Canadian Geese fly close to the nest. Maybe they should put a yield sign next to this nest. This would certainly help with the traffic situation. :P
Pam 06/13/04 05:57 pm Thank you Marie, by the time I looked in it was 11 pm. UK time (i.e. midnight in Germany) and of course dark, but it certainly looks to be a very good site. I'll take another peek tomorrow a.m. What is this thing called "work" ? Life is too short !
Lori 06/13/04 09:20 pm OH Matt?!?!?!!?! tsk tsk tsk storks don't deliver babies...... the postman does!! :))))
Dorothy 06/13/04 10:29 pm I've been following the storks too - #4 is hanging in there; at least there isn't (yet) sibling aggression. Those little ones are so fun to watch; they are so gawky and cute, large bodies with little stumpy wings for now. Then when they go to the bathroom, they waddle backwards to the edge of the nest and shoot. #4 gets to eat if it is close to the spot that mom/dad regurgitate dinner; it dives right in and eats - has to eat fast as everybody gobbles the stuff up. They are beautiful creatures!
Marie 06/13/04 10:31 pm ahhhhhhhhhh is what provides the income for me to grow my own wings( A FREE SPIRIT here)so I too can fly with the birds. Money, dare I say it, can provide the trips I take in a big metal, silver bird when I need to. It also provides the means so I can acquire the expensive binoculars and camera equipment( I go through film like candy) that I need for my passion/research on Birds. I watched the birds play/glide in the wind today and it was awesome. Gulls, Terns, Eagles and Ospreys all seemed to be enjoying the exhilaration of flight. There are no other creatures that lift MY spirits as high as do Birds. When Mickey says " It was only a BIRD" I have to smile...for my 'TOTEM' is the Eagle which allows me to be very connected to the spiritual world of birds. Hope that answered your question about work Pam. Sorry it was so long winded.
Marie 06/13/04 10:40 pm I though Matt's comment on the storks very touching and made me laugh. I totally agree that a yield sign near the ospreys nest is much needed for those Canadas fly real close by all accounts. Not sure they can read lettering though, but bird behaviour is something they DO understand.
Pam 06/14/04 06:39 am Marie - that makes complete sense. You are so lucky to be able to see all those birds - I have to be content with the internet but we do have garden birds, blackbirds, bluetits, various finches, starlings, pigeons,robins, wrens, sparrows, magpies - the occasional owl, sparrowhawk and woodpecker. We do have ospreys nesting and breeding at nearby Rutland Water but you cant get anywhere near them and the webcam is not too good. Rutland Water is a very large (by English standards) man made lake (reservoir). They completely drowned a village to make it, but it has encouraged a lot of wildlife to the area. P.S. :) I know what those indians in the old cowboy films meant when they said "My heart soars like the eagle".
Marie 06/14/04 09:14 am Ah thanks understand. Sounds like you have plenty of birds to watch. My recent trip to the UK allowed me to go 'see the birds' at two RESERVES. Dungeness and Arundel. It was great. Love the sound of the Robin and Blackbird and the coo of the Wood Pigeon.
I hope they didn't drown the inhabitants of that village when they made the lake... :-)) How long has Rutland lake been there? I have checked the ospreys out there before on the web cam. Just
checked the storks just now and they seem to be having nasty weather.# 4 still alive. Now it is off to WORK!!!

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