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Thread subject: Stork Nest
Name Date Message
Tay 06/15/04 07:54 am I just went to the stork nest cam thats in Germany for the first time. I got there right at feeding time.One parent bird flew in the other flew out. Talk about some weird noises coming from a nest lol!!! Them little ones make strange chirps. Well Im not sure chirp would be the word to use lol!!!
Marei 06/15/04 10:37 am You are lucky Tay, I have never seen a feeding yet. I agree those sounds that come from the storks are truly different to what we are used to at the DPOF. Guess each bird species has their own unique sound, blueprint, you might say.
Tay 06/16/04 03:08 am They fight over the food that mom or dad regurgitate or however you spell it lol kind of gross.I wonder too what it is the chicks are doing when they make like a beak clicking sound then throw their heads backwards Anybody know? Was funny also watching them trying to stand up on those long legs lol!!!
Marie 06/16/04 04:47 pm Those chicks are preparing for the MATING/GREETING display behaviour on breeding territory when the all grow up. If you watch the movie called Winged Migration( super movie) you can see how these great storks behave once they migrate from Africa and fly to Europe to breed. It is awesome behaviour. They do an awful lot of 'CLACKING' with necks thrown back and bills clacking as well as when they are copulating. Hope that answers some of your questions. Obviously this behaviour is programed into the young chicks from the time of hatching. Each chick probably practiced inside its own egg...LOL
Tay 06/17/04 04:09 am Thanks Marie Ill have to get that movie. Thanks for the info also on the beak clacking and head throwing I was wondering why they did it. practiced in their eggs lol!!!!
Dorothy 06/18/04 10:09 am I was over at the forum for the Harrisburg falcons. Since the Germany Storks are of interest, one of the posters got this information on what happened to the 4th chick Afr :(
Because different versions of information regarding the dropping of Afri by one of the patrent storks were provided to me, I spoke again with both of our trainees. Both were at the Stork Centre on Monday and witnessed the event personally. Not all details were passed onto me on Monday, which led to the erroneous message of June 14th, "Internet Storks throw out Young One".

What did actually happen to Afri? A parent stork grabbed Afri and flew away with him. At a distance of about 60 yards (50 m) from the nest and a height of 50 feet (15 m) he relaesed the stork chick. It hit the street and was instantly killed. A car driver witnessed this and promptly notified the Stork Centre.

A trainee fetched the chick. Afri sustained such massive injuries that he must have been dead at once. After consulting me by telephone, Afri was buried on the grounds of the Stork Centre. My report that the parent stork simply threw the chick out of the eyrie was in error. The observation, that the parent flew away with him, however, is the actual sequence of events. I apologize for the misinformation. It happened, on one hand, because we wanted to relate the information quickly, on the other hand, because we didn't have all details of the event. As a rule, young storks are thrown from a nest, in this case, though, we learned that the parent stork carried the young one away from the eyrie before letting him fall to the ground.

Winfried Boehmer

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