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Thread subject: To Marie
Name Date Message
Nancy L. 06/16/04 10:14 am All those trains you hear in the night are getting ready for the big rush in the morning - everyone out on the Island going into Manhattan to work.
I enjoy you bird watcher (listener, in this case) remarks. I'm trying to learn more sounds.
Off to babysit a grandchild today.
Marie 06/16/04 04:38 pm Returned from work and found your message. Thanks. I know some of the bird sounds down East aren't the same as ours out West but you do have some overlap so they are very similar. Just wish someone would confirm if there are common nighthawks winging up and down that river at dusk beacause they make a strange high pitch sound, which is a sound I sometimes hear on this cam. Would love to know if it is a bird or just some thing STRANGE that goes BUMP(hardly that)in the night. I thought I heard an owl calling at dusk the other day. I hear canadas, crows, other ospreys, song sparrows, house sparrows, spotted sandpipers(I think) as well as common yellow-throats too that sound close to the microphone. There are always the sound of planes too... Sounds lovely down there and I love the sound of the trains too...even if it is in the middle of your
Shelley 06/16/04 05:53 pm The only other bird sounds I can identify with any certainty are the red-winged blackbirds. I know their call. There are many others I hear but can't positively identify. I love all the sounds of nature, though and only wish that airplanes and motor vehicles didn't interfere. The train, well, there has always been something calming, almost soothing about that particular sound, for me...
Marie 06/16/04 08:10 pm LOL that was funny that I didn't mention the HONKER-REE blackbird. Guess they are so common on the Microphone that I just didn't think about them when listing the other birds. Sounded like some kind of warbler I heard close to the nest this afternoon but don't know which one?
Nancy L 06/16/04 09:59 pm P.S. Besids the regular trains, this week we have added trains for the golf - U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills Golf Club "out east" on the island.

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