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Thread subject: Chicks Names???
Name Date Message
Mickey 06/16/04 05:25 pm Last year the 1st chick to fledge was on 7/16.The next chick fledged the following day. I think we can safely say that this years chicks are way ahead of last years chicks.I estimate 7-10 days ahead. So Im asking you all as a group, should we as a group start thinking about names now? Wadda think?
Bill 06/16/04 07:42 pm Phil, Tiger & Ernie. But can we still tell them apart?
Marie 06/16/04 08:03 pm Since I think there are two GIRLS in the trio I don't think those names you chose Bill are the right ones. LOL
How about SAM...short for Samantha...then if it is a male then that wouldn't be so bad a name to call either male or female?
Rob( Robin) could be a male or female name too, and Terrie. It too is a name for either gender. Just names I am putting forward to maybe concider. Might even be better to wait till we see more of a character emerging when they start to interact with each other.
Jamie 06/16/04 09:01 pm I think #'s 1 & 3 are girls and #2 is a male...perhaps 2 female-ish names and 1 male-ish name? I was wondering about names, but didn't want to mention it...thought it might be too early, but hey, I thinks its a good ideas are Gloria, Oscar and Valerie...don't ask me why, those are the names that came to my mind!
cathy 06/16/04 09:19 pm only the ospreys know their names (if we are lucky they will tell us)
Lori 06/16/04 09:48 pm How 'bout "Goldie, Carp & Red" or "Striper, Trout & Bunker?" After all... you are what you eat!!!
Tim 06/16/04 09:49 pm I'm kinda fond of 1 2 & 3.

Shelley (with a great big wink) 06/16/04 10:04 pm Not sure I ought to jump into this one.....ahem
Marie 06/16/04 11:20 pm Great names, especially the names that represented the colours of the fish seen in the nest. Keep them coming, but we should wait awhile too, for they will guide us just as Cathy suggested.
Bill 06/17/04 06:46 am Like the fish names from Lori. Can we really tell if they are male and female? I haven't paid attention to that.
Barbara 06/17/04 08:39 am How about Red, White and Blue?
Mickey 06/17/04 09:32 am I wasnt suggesting to name them now.(Celeste and Cecilia would kill us)I was just floating the idea. Naming the chicks is really for our amusement. #1+2 are so close now its very hard to tell them apart. And seeing as they dont get banded, naming them is useless. But its fun :)
Celeste 06/17/04 11:23 am Mickey we should think of some names, how will you know them when they call you after they migrated? After all, you are in charge of the message board during the winter---we are very dependent on you for any "conversations" you have with our chicks....remember? You are the "osprey chick" ambassador!
Shelley 06/17/04 12:04 pm I vote for *Mick, Jr* (as in *Nick, Jr*) for one of them...;-)
Celeste 06/17/04 03:56 pm I like that idea Shelley......
Kathy 06/17/04 04:39 pm I cast my vote.
Lori 06/17/04 08:10 pm Oh Boy!!! I can see Mickey's head growing larger by the minute!!! LOL! But I must admit it does seem appropriate or however you spell it!! :-)
Nancy R 06/18/04 08:43 am I suggest Faith, Hope, and Charity.
Mickey 06/18/04 09:07 am Thanks but no thanks. One of me is enough :p
Shelley 06/18/04 11:53 am Aww...don't be modest, Mickey. Chick could follow in your footsteps and grow up to be the life of the party!

We're not deciding anything cool your little osprey jets (as I say to my students sometimes..;-)

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