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Thread subject: for those of you who have observed ospreys in wild >
Name Date Message
Dorothy 06/17/04 05:51 pm can you hear their chirp/call from a ways out? It sounds like it could penetrate quite well.
Celeste 06/17/04 07:10 pm When we are in Canada on the Rideau Lakes in Ontario, there are pine trees all around,and serenely quiet.When you hear the osprey it almost echoes. It is exciting. Plus, they circle a lot in the sky and chirp as they fly. Once while my husband was fishing I wanted him to just stay put where I could just observe the newly fledged chicks in the nest. The parents were nearby flying above the nest. My husband thought he would "chirp" back at them, and of course they were not amused and just flew away from the nest. My observation moment was gone in an instant!
Mickey 06/17/04 07:23 pm Simply put, yes you can. Especially after observing the nest here for 1.5 years lol.......
Marie 06/17/04 07:39 pm Yes I would agree ...their call is very shrill and piercing. The female on the nest sees a long way off( very acute eyesight) All raptors have very keen eyesight. This is a result of the positioning of their eyes, forward, rather than either side of their heads, like many snmll birds. From my observations the female starts her shrill call the minute she sees her mate and it really does cut through the air. From watching Betty perhaps she calls so that where ever Dennis is he hears her and he needs to respond...I guess only when He wants to. I wonder over what distance can she be heard or any osprey for that matter. Wish I knew that answer.
Matt 06/17/04 08:06 pm Yes you can hear their call for quite a distance. For many years I have fished lakes and can hear them calling from quite a distance.
Matt 06/17/04 08:17 pm One thing though, if you have a headache, hearing their call from the webcam is not exactly a pleasant thing. :)
Dorothy 06/17/04 08:22 pm thanks folks; it must be glorious to see and hear them in the wild! Betty has some good pipes! I inadvertently left my computer speakers on volume up with the cam on and she let loose some mighty chirping (yelling for Dennis or at an intruder). I was in another room and heard her and had to rush to turn the speakers down (not to disturb my neighbors)!
cathy 06/17/04 10:28 pm For the past 3 or 4 years quite a few of us in a large 5 story office building have watched ospreys on a power tower at the end of the runway in a major airport in Seattle. The nest stays there year round. The Duwamish River is nearby - it is an industrial lined river, that goes up and down with the tide in Puget Sound. Each year I watch a little closer. Last year I saw the calling behavior by an adult osprey and an nearly grown chick (ready to migrate in the Fall) standing together in the nest. Last year a scientist came and got an egg to study and one of us observers ran out and tried to stop him. He turned out to be doing important work on the effects on pollution. There is another Osprey nest that has been occupied for several years on a platform that was moved from a power tower. The scientist said ospreys can live for 25 years and they "outlived" the years of DDT. Now I am very interested in them and will work to preserve them and their habitat and food.
cathy 06/17/04 10:30 pm I can see them out the window when I am sitting in meetings watching Powerpoints and am reminded of what is really important.
Marie 06/18/04 02:56 am Thanks for posting your obs on the Ospreys in the Seattle area, Cathy. It was heart warming to know that there are others out there that feel so strongly about saving Birds. Indeed your statement echoed my sentiments about 'What really IS Important'. Our world would be a very strange and empty place without these wonderful creatures to woo us with their songs , dazzle us with their colour, and fascinate us with their behaviour and flight. It is amazing how accustomed ospreys/eagles become to humanity and the various noises that man's machinery makes, ie PLANES. We can only watch and cheer on these new lives that grace our screens at the moment and hope theirs will be a long life.

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