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Thread subject: A thought..................
Name Date Message
Celeste 06/18/04 01:46 pm I have been wanting to express my thoughts about names regarding the chicks if and when we name them. Last year when we chose to name the two chicks Freedom and Liberty, I do believe these names "attracted Newsday" because of the times we live in. Having just heard some sad news on the radio, (and I believe all of you will know what I mean).....some names have come to mind....Peace, Justice, Tranquility, Liberty, Kindness, Love, etc.....a subtle reminder to what is important in this life. It amazes me that the osprey have lived for millions of years in tranquilty, and yet has adapted to this crazy world....nesting on electrical poles, stadiums, artificial platforms, victims of pesticides, declining fish populations, rubbish, etc.....Through all of these changes this raptor has exhibited their usual patterns of survival in order to continue their species. Yes, there are sadness in these nests, (loss of chicks for ex.,) however in all their patterns of raising their young as with all animals, is that of peace, survival etc. How many times have we observed and used the word, "the nest is tranquil, all is peaceful". Perhaps if we do consider naming these 3 chicks, (which by the way, 3 chicks is more unusual than usual).....we might keep in mind names that symbolize goodness. Again, just a thought.
Tim 06/18/04 02:42 pm I like to come here to relax with the birds.
To learn and share thoughts and information about these majestic animals with the wonderful group we have all become.
All of us who attended this site share one common interest, The Osprey.
Hope you don't think I'm being selfish but I would like to continue to come here and not be reminded of the terrible situations that are occurring around the globe.
My thoughts are that this is an Osprey database site, free from the turmoil that surrounds society today.
For short periods during the day I come here to be liberated from the psychological impact world events have on me, I find great solace in this site as I reflect on the wonders of nature.
Celeste 06/18/04 03:14 pm That is good insight Tim, and I like that way of thinking of this website also. I "escape" to this website as much as I can and it has been very uplifting for me to do so. I was just "thinking out loud" and wondering what others thought. Thank you for sharing!
Mickey 06/18/04 04:42 pm Hi Celeste.I like your ideas for the 3 chicks. As for mentioning real life occurances here, good or bad,I wasnt offended. If we`re going to limit posts or threads to just Ospreys here it will become very boring fast. I love how the ob board is just for observations and this part of the board is for the "chit chatting".I understands Tims point though. I just dont think its that realistic to "escape" real life anywhere.Afterall,we dont live in bubbles.
Shelley 06/18/04 05:01 pm Until I read your initial post here, Celeste, I had no idea what you were referring to, as I hadn't turned on a radio or seen a paper since I left for work at 7:30 this morning. I just found out now. As most of my close friends who know me well will attest to, it's at times like these that I cry out "Where's my cave?!!".

But I echo everyone else's sentiments here when I say that *true* nature, boards such as this one and all my kindred spirits here, are my refuge...

Thank you all for being here...
Jamie 06/18/04 05:18 pm I agree with Celeste and Tim, but maybe we can make it work for both/all...I think "Peace" for our no. 1 chick, as we have all seen the nest being peaceful and also have hope for a peaceful world; "Tranquil" for our no. 2 chick, as he/she is the middle-child and doesn't cause aggression and it relays our thoughts for the world, to be tranquil at times, even if they are brief; and "Hope" for our no. 3 chick, as being the 3rd chick, as said, very unusual to survive, we all have hope for him/her to fledge and survive as we all have hope for the world...what do you think out there? Maybe the names would give a feeling of well-being...a good, warm feeling...
Kathy 06/18/04 05:33 pm Celeste, you know what my thoughts are.
Marie 06/18/04 07:15 pm I like those choices very much.....'Peace' reflects the nest at night when all are asleep and none of the day time noises disturb the family. 'Tranquil' also reflects the nest too after the chicks are stuffed from a feed and they prop their little heads upon sticks and just stare off into the distance. And then there is HOPE' #3. Will he or she hopefully make it through its first year when so many of the young ospreys and eagles die . It is hard to believe but approx 50% will die in their first year. Yes it is hope that we all wish for this special and unusual chick. Hopefully it will learn its lessons well. I study birds for the pure love of these creatures and it is this passion that keeps me from being consumed with the terrible human loss around the world, be it from famine, natural disarsters or wars.
Dorothy 06/18/04 11:49 pm Those choices are appropriate and meaningful, but personally I still like calling them chick1, chick2, chick3 , just cause I like the "chickiness" of the babies - and represents the order of their lives. Sure will miss them when they fledge.
Kathy 06/19/04 10:25 am I like Peace, Tranquil and Hope. The world needs more of this and our "chicks" could represent that
Nancy L 06/19/04 10:50 am Those names, Peace, Tranquil & Hope sound just fine to me!
Pam 06/19/04 04:09 pm I second that Nancy - good names.

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