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Thread subject: Sunrise Hwy nest
Name Date Message
Grace 06/18/04 08:59 pm My husband travels each day on Sunrise Hwy on LI heading West. There is a low osprey nest on a platform near the old Grumman site. He came home with the news today that he thought he saw a dead adult osprey on the side of the highway right by that nest. Any Long Islanders have any more information? He said it was definately not a goose.
Grace 06/18/04 09:01 pm PS-The bird that he observed was on the South side of Sunrise Hwy.
Tim 06/19/04 08:11 am I'm familiar with the former Grumman site nest.
I will go and investigate and report back to you my findings.
Keep your fingers crossed.
Tim 06/19/04 09:12 am Grace, There are 2 nest's in the area you mentioned aprox. 1/2 mile apart. It's with great pleasure that I report that all four adults from the two nest's are alive and appear well.
I stopped at the Grumman nest and could hear the female screaming over the din of the traffic,
what a wonderful sound.
As I approached the second nest at the Oakdale merge the male was flying in with a large fish and his partner was also screaming for him to land.He was cautious of my being near and made a loop around the nest. I drove down the road a bit and watched him deliver the fish.This was a great way to start the day. I'm heading down to the Carmens River now to get the fishing report from some of the salty dogs in the neighborhood.
Have a good day.
Shelley 06/19/04 09:53 am Thanks, Tim, for being our on-the-spot reporter. Much appreciated, especially from those of us who aren't there!! I read your post, visualizing you standing there, microphone in hand, at a safe distance from the nest, whispering in a golf-course-like manner so as not to disturb the osprey (you know how those announcers whisper when moderating golf, on tv. My dad used to make us whisper, too, if we walked into the room when he was watching! LOL!) :-D
Grace 06/19/04 11:48 am Thanks, Tim. It must have been something else, perhaps a seagull. I appreciate your effort and am glad that the ospreys are all fine! I'll share the good news with my husband.

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