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Thread subject: background noises...
Name Date Message
Shelley 06/19/04 08:22 pm I can't make out exactly what is being said but the music just stopped long enough to hear a DJ talking. It's obviously a party of some sort...

What is that bird, heard in the background? It has 2 notes, over and over. Not a red-winged blackbird, but similar sounding. Anyone know?
Tim 06/19/04 09:21 pm All kinds of blackbirds,and grackels roost in the reeds along the shore down there at night, could be them. Check out this link Shelley.
Shelley 06/19/04 10:09 pm WOW!! Tim, that's an amazing site!!! Good thing I only have 4 days left of school before I'm off for the summer or I'd have to blame you for getting me hooked on this one!! ;-)

I can see myself taking *Bird-ese 101* right here at this course,

Thanks! It looks like fun and I'm going to enjoy exploring it
Marie 06/19/04 10:51 pm Hi Shelley ..I posted that bird sound as A Northern Bobwhite...( quite sure it is that) a two note call heard this aftetrnoon on the AUDIO, before that noisey party started. It is a secretive bird found in bushy woods and fields. Part of the Quail family. I will have to try to find that book you requested, as I just don't know where it is at this time. Title "WHAT BIRD DID THAT". It is rather funny to say the least.
Celeste 06/20/04 04:30 am Marie I am always impressed that you recognize all the different birds. Whenever I get a chance I'll try to memorize different bird calls by going to the different websites that demo birdcalls. However, when I hear a strange bird call I forget! Too bad you can't give an "on air computer tutorial". I have enjoyed so many of your observations.
Shelley 06/20/04 08:21 am I was just searching my *Favourites* list and found another site I had bookmarked ages ago that looks interesting. True, while some of what's there is for sale, not all is and a few of the bird song and frog sound links are free and really nice! Check this out:
Marie 06/20/04 11:33 am Thanks Celeste...I have been birding for 15 yrs now and have been in the company of some real experts and excellent birders who know most birds by their call and even by their shadow created on the ground as they fly over. That is truly an expert who can determine whose who by a shadow made on the ground. Each bird does seem to have a different flight pattern and shape in the air as well as when it sits on a branch creating a sort of specific Silhouette. Birding is so facinating. It is all encompassing. It isn't just about identification, but also one, if interested, needs to study the weather patterns for birds travel on the wind. Their migration is helped along by certain winds and storms. Then one needs to learn what they all eat and where they frequent for they like certain spots for certain food supply. Then one needs to learn about the different trees and scrub/bushes for certain birds like only certain habitat. And the list goes on as to the study of birds, especially as one gets to really watch BEHAVIOUR at the feeder, nest sites, and along the sea coast etc. From what I have observed young adolescent birds behave just like children. Showing off and fighting amoung themselves. It makes me laugh. But the secret has to have the time to do all this, sit and watch. Gives me hours of JOY. So you can imagine nothing else gets done around here unless it is pouring with rain...

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