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Thread subject: Osprey Chicks in Victoria
Name Date Message
Marie 06/20/04 08:22 pm I have spent the past 4 hours chasing around town observing three osprey nests and with much joy I can announce that in all three nests there are two chicks that I can see. Each nest site seems to be a week apart in nestling developement. It was so satisfying to watch the 3 BETTYS interact with their babies. One nest had the male present and boy did she keep on at him to go get another fish for what he brought in just wasn't big eneough. He just ignored her and she just went on and on. When he flew in with the tiny fish another Osprey flew in too and it was so amazing to hear the alarm calls that were sounded by both male and female. The male was all a flutter with wings outstretched. To see it all live right here was so facinating as I have begun to know the calls of these wonderful birds. All the females had the distinct NECKLACES around their necks as females are suppose to have. It was awesome to watch these ospreys in the flesh...
Nancy L 06/20/04 08:46 pm Marie, Tell me more about the "necklaces" around the females, please.
Shelley 06/20/04 09:05 pm WOW!!!!!!! I am so jealous! Is this close to where you live, Marie? Or is it out in the country somewhere?
Marie 06/21/04 12:32 am Nancy, Dave S once descibed to us in a message how we could tell the difference between male and female sitting on the eggs. He said that we could tell the differnce by the markings on the forhead and also that females sometimes have a band of darker feathers around the upper breast/neck. The feathers are sparodic and not joined together to form a complete band. It isn't always obvious but I saw this marking on all three females today. Also read today on the lake District osprey web page that some males have bigger/thicker legs than females because they have to fish not only for themselves but for their families. It is a sort of weight training they do for 6 months in the breeding season, carrying all those heavy Fish...I smiled when I read that.
Marie 06/21/04 12:42 am Shelley, the Osprey nests are right here in town. One is on a pilon in the harbour, Navy dock yard area. 25 mins away. Another is at a big Rec centre playing field atop a concrete pole that houses flood lights. Bang smack in the middle of a ball park, that will be so noisy when school is out. It takes me 35 mins to get there. The third is in another playing field that is part of the Military complex. Close to the Military hospital. Takes me 20mins. All so very close. There must be others around that I haven't even discovered. It is so hot here that all the females were standing to provide shade for their young. I took a few slide pics, but with even a 300mm lens plus a doubler it wasn't as close as I would like. Filling the frame with my subject is what I like to do. As the chicks get bigger it will be better.

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