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Thread subject: Chicks Behavior
Name Date Message
Tay 06/21/04 09:06 am I wasn't here last year, But from what I have read on the board on last year It sounds to me like the chicks get along better with each other this year. Is that what you guys that were here last year think also? and too they scare me when they stretch their wings flapping and wind blowing I keep waiting for the wind to catch the wings real good and blow them out of the nest. Is that possible?
Mickey 06/21/04 09:15 am Hi Tay.....Overall my feeling is yes.The chicks get along much better then last year.As you have read, fish brought to this years nest is much more then last years.

Yes its very possible that a chick or chicks can get blown out of the nest.They can also get pushed out too. How they "know" not to go any further amazes me daily.
Celeste 06/21/04 03:02 pm As Mickey stated and from what I have read, having the chicks hatch relatively close together, better spring weather, more fish, experience on the parents part, more particularly in the male's case, all contribute to less aggression in the nest. If we didn't have the cam this year, we would never have observed such a difference from last year's nest.
Marie 06/21/04 05:31 pm I know this comment is truly GROSS.......BUT I think # 1 behaviour really changed after being fed its little sibling #4 on the 2nd of JUNE, by its mother. Really bizzare for me to even think this as I was very upset by this action in the nest. It is just my observation over the past three weeks with reference to the behaviour of # 1. Can any one else be brave enough to confirm if they even thought as I did. I know it is totally off the wall. #4 had such a sweet temperment that its death was not in vain in my opinion. I have checked in with some of the experts here and they weren't surprised that this event had taken place but Watching it on the video is a whole different thing. I forced myself to do this recently just so I might try to understand. What goes on in a nest is not always pleasant even when we think it should be. Forgive me if this comment offends anyone.
Cecilia 06/21/04 06:08 pm I think chick #1's behavior changed dramatically after #4's demise! But I attribute this change to the reduced number of bodies in the nest. I think that the very fact that there were 4 of them made #1 feel crowded or threatened or stressed...a little like we feel when we're on a too crowded subway :-) The dynamics of the nest changed the very next day even though everything else was the same. Since chick #4 hardly had an impact on the food supply it can't be just that the remaining chicks got more food...I think it was the "sense" that there was less competition.

That, coupled with the fact that #2 & 3 both seem to be very attuned to the pecking order protocol and Dennis's success with fishing, has made a remarkable difference in the nest this year. I remember having to turn off the sound most of the time last year because the plaintive begging for food was nerve racking and heart breaking.

Of course I hope #4's short life was not in vain I'm also willing to believe that maybe the surviving siblings are channeling a little of the little guy's sweetness :-)
cathy 06/22/04 12:53 am Thinking about what Marie said - here is a quote from ancient Hindu text, the Upanishads:
From Brahman came space; from space, air;
From air, fire; from fire, water; from water,
Earth; from earth, plants; from plants, food;
and from food
The human body, head, arms, legs and heart.
From food are made all bodies, which become
Food again for others after their death.
cathy 06/22/04 12:56 am So I suppose the little one was made from fish.
Marie 06/22/04 03:09 am Thank you Cecilia and Cathy for your support, words and thoughtful reflection. My message was difficult to post but I did it anyway, in the hopes that I wouldn't offend anyone of you out there.
Sometimes the inquiring mind of the Naturalist within me overcomes my emotional self. It is at these times that I attempt to seek answers to the question of 'WHY'. Accepting the TRUTH as we see it on the screen can be difficult but it is the way it is suppose to 'BE'. Nature has her own agenda and I for one has to accept all that SHE provides for a better understanding of the whole scheme of things.
Shelley 06/22/04 06:10 am One of the things that has impressed me about this forum is the respect with which everyone here treats one another. Marie, I am speaking for myself now, but I suspect I also speak for others, when I say that I am happy that you trusted us and had the confidence that you would NOT be offending anyone by sharing your thoughts and opinions. Even when people here disagree with some posts, I haven't found any of the nastiness that is sometimes blatant and immature on other boards I visit (much as I adore the Kent eaglecam site, some of the posters there make me cringe, at how nasty they are!! I rarely post there anymore though I still check that cam daily and skim the board occasionally)

Your thoughts and insights are always very much valued here and I hope you know that and continue to share them with us. I sure look forward to them, that's for sure!
Tiger 06/22/04 06:40 am I am not sure about this hypothesis. In my view #1 behaviour changed when #2 and particularly #3 learning that it was best to go submissive immediatly that #1 looked at them with a threatening eye.

I think it was lucky that the supply of fish was quite good shortly after the demise of #4.

Nothing I have seen suggests to me that #1 would not turn aggressive again if its supply of fish were threatened.

Marie 06/22/04 10:53 am All of your ideas are grounded in FACT and observation.I accept them all. I am a bit of a dreamer and also have a vivid and fanciful imagination being a Pisces/Aries fish-sign girl myself. I like to think of the unusual and mysterious aspect of lives 'lived'. I believe in the 'Cause and Effect' aspect too of life. A reason for everything...not that it just happened by chance. I believe there is a mysterious power(GOD) that orchestrates the entire play on Earth. We, humans and all life forms, are performers in this wonderful play and we create a beautiful masterpiece. Life is to be lived...
Just being philosophical this morning. It is a beautiful day here...
Thanks Shelley for your vote of confidence. I too watch the young Eagles in Kent almost every day. Gives me insight as to what is going on in the Eagle's nest on Victoria's Beach. I see your postings... ;-)) and I can't escape...LOL
Kathy 06/22/04 11:05 am Marie, BEAUTIFUL!!!
Marie 06/22/04 11:23 am Thanks Kathy...must go to work now...have fun watching OUR FAMILY.
Celeste 06/22/04 11:30 am The only thing I can add to all of the above is how lovely that such a wonderful group of people found this website. Everyday visiting this website is like a visit with all of you!
Shelley 06/22/04 11:55 am And this ends today's session of the Osprey Mutual Admiration Society.

{{{Group hug}}}

Nancy L 06/22/04 01:14 pm I want to be in that group hug, too. I really enjoy learning from all of you and all of our sharings.
Mickey 06/22/04 01:22 pm I feel like Im watching WE TV :)
I think us men need to go to Hooters :))))
Shelley 06/22/04 03:13 pm Mickey!! You leaving us for an owl cam???

ROFLMAO!!! We have Hooters here in Canada, too, don't worry, I'm not totally naive!;-)
Cecilia 06/22/04 05:32 pm Shelly...that has to be the best response of the year :-) Now I really am LOL!
Mickey 06/22/04 06:30 pm Owl cam me? neva!

It was with all that hugging and female interaction I was getting very misty :p
Marie 06/22/04 07:20 pm lol lol lol ....what a great response Shelley. 'HOOTERS' owl cam...LOL! Even I wouldn't have thought of that. Hooters to me was rather an UNMENTIONABLE JOINT!!!
Mickey you are so funny too.
Marie 06/22/04 07:32 pm I echo echo echo all the wonderful people out there that have indeed identified that we are a Great Bunch of Osprey Watchers. The accumulation of knowledge that we are compiling is immense. DPOF we thank you so very much. We are growing fast like the chicks with wisdom and courage to face all the challenges in our own lives.
Mickey 06/22/04 07:47 pm On a serious note,I would like to weigh in on the msg board. This is my 2nd year "watching" and I cant think of one post where it turned ugly with insults or personal attacks. Trust me when I say that this is a miracle.Its right up there with 3 chicks going to fledge in our nest this year.I`ve been around on the internet since 96 and have witnessed alot. On msg boards most things get twisted around and tempers flare. Its a very strange dynamic. The written word can be mistaken many times. Thats where arguments or disagreements start. I have been involved in many so trust me. I know its hard to believe but Im even banned from 2 msg boards *wink* What I try to do here is write 3 friends from here when I want to say anything negative. Then its out of my system so to speak :) I to cant say enough for the people who post here and on the ob board. Except for the occasional newbie who doesnt know the ob board is FOR OBS ONLY this place kicks some major buttage! Congrats to all of you for taking the high road :))) Now all we have to do is get Celeste help with her Rooster fetish and we`d be all set :p
Cecilia 06/22/04 11:19 pm Mickey...who would ban you? :-)

I have no previous experience with this kind of site so I thought our interaction was typical...sorry to hear the stories of nastiness and anger. We obviously have a good group of decent people who care a lot about nature and we have bonded over our common concerns for this osprey family. I thank and salute you all for your kindness and good manners!
Tay 06/23/04 02:44 am Wow what a great response on this one. You all are the greatest. and Mickey yes Ive been on some of those boards and people get very testy over silly misunderstandings. I don't see that here. I love it here. If some says something that's not understood everybody kicks in to help explain but not in a hateful way in a helpful way and that is the way it should be. I loved the There are no stupid questions that was great. Again I love it here you are all the greatest bunch of people Ive meet on message boards:) Thank you for making it a nice place to come:):) Have A Great Day All!!!

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