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Thread subject: My husband calls them"cultural enrichment tours"
Name Date Message
Celeste 06/24/04 05:40 pm Today my husband treated me to my "first" real post-op excursion to the Bayard's Cutting Arboretum. For those who do not live on Long Island, Bayard's is an estate-arboretum that once was owned by the Bayard family. The great house is an old Tudor from the 1800's that has a large veranda porch that overlooks the Connetequot river as it widens into the Great South Bay. I was happy as a "clam" to grab an old adirondack chair on the great lawn of the house facing one of it's many chimneys, one upon which is an osprey nest. (There are other osprey nests as well around the estate as well as one a few feet from a busy highway, Sunrise Highway). I like the old chimney osprey nest the best as I could sit on the chair and just look at the female watching me watch her and her chick, with or without binoculars, (by the way I only saw one chick, but I am not sure if one was sleeping behind this one chick who was also sitting and watching with Mom). I felt like I was thrown back in time as on the porch of this magnificent estate were "Red Hat" Society women having their tea and here I was on this very old chair sitting to my heart's content watching this bird in person. I thought of all the observers before us who only had this kind of opportunity to observe. I thought of all of us how fortunate we are to have an up close and personal look via this cam. There is something magical though being in the presence of this bird in person on a beautiful summer's day listening to the chirps live! And thus was as my husband calls them, "my cultural enrichment tour" of the day! Thought I would share!
Marie 06/24/04 05:57 pm FANTASTIC Celeste. What a beautiful experience and boy can I relate to what you said about being in the presence of this bird. To see, hear and watch it 'LIVE' is somehow even more magical.
Cecilia 06/24/04 06:21 pm What a gorgeous day to sit on that lawn! I'm so glad you got the chance to get out and enjoy the weather and that nest! I haven't been there in years...guess I will have to go soon.

I've been wondering about the ground around the underside of an osprey nest...was it a mess? Did you see "rocket" evidence? Junk from the nest?
Dave S 06/24/04 06:33 pm Having the Osprey Cam provides one of my favorite things about seeing a nest from terra firma is knowing what it looks like inside, where you can't see it "in person". The outside look helps fill in what we get to see on the camera. All of your observations help round out the experience for all of us, Thank You!
Mickey 06/24/04 06:38 pm Why didnt you tell us you were going? We could have had our own lawn party *sniff sniff* :(
Shelley 06/24/04 06:56 pm Go ahead, make me jealous, waaaaaaa!

So glad to hear you are up and about, Celeste. You sure picked a great day to do it! And don't forget that there truly is a connection between the mind and the body; if your mind and soul are relaxed, refreshed and renewed, then your physical healing is sure to follow in kind.

((hugs)) for a speedy recovery so that you may enjoy many more days like this (and not all of them from a chair!)
Celeste 06/24/04 07:00 pm Thanks Shelley! Oh and Mickey, it was a last minute surprise for me from Frank. I did mention to him that it would be nice for us to have our own "red hat" gathering on the great lawn for all of us who live relatively nearby. Do you have a red hat Mickey?
Celeste 06/24/04 07:03 pm oh and Cec, there was plenty of debris that had fallen from the nest along the roof to the gutters.
Mickey 06/24/04 07:14 pm I have a Yankees hat and a very stylish umbrella hat that I only wear when Im out of my mind drunk :)
Celeste 06/24/04 07:24 pm That will have to do!
Kathy 06/24/04 07:54 pm What a nice surprise from Frank. I'm not too far from the Bayard and, you didn't call me or Mickey!!
I'll forgive you,I'm glad to hear you were able to be out and about.
Cecilia 06/24/04 10:16 pm Hey, for a chance to see Mickey in a "stylish umbrella hat" I will buy a red hat in no time :-)
Kathy 06/24/04 10:25 pm And I will bring the drinks!!!!!
Celeste 06/25/04 05:07 am sounds like a plan! I am still not sure about the umbrella hat though!
Shelley (with a great big wink) 06/25/04 05:56 am Sadly, I don't wear hats. And even if I did, I live too far to join you, so make sure you have cameras!!!! This is gonna be to good to miss! ;-)
Kathy 06/25/04 10:43 am Celeste, Mickey could bring his Yankees hat (Yea Yankees, I'm a Yankee fan also)and when he gets
drunk he could switch to his umbrella hat. Hell, if we all get drunk we'll take turns borrowing his umbrella hat.
Shelley 06/25/04 11:44 am Mickey, is your umbrella hat red?

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