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Thread subject: lets name them now ?
Name Date Message
Mickey 06/24/04 06:41 pm With the 4th soon approaching and these baby osprey way ahead of last year I think its time.So I put forth my suggestions:

Chick #1..... Chickzilla (cz for short)

Chick #2..... Peace

Chick #3..... Small Fry

waddas think?
Celeste 06/24/04 06:55 pm Sounds good to me!
Kathy 06/24/04 07:39 pm Ok by me!
Marie 06/24/04 08:54 pm Yes might be nice to name them all now. I like the name SPIRIT for # 3 as it has shown such spirit in all its daily activities. I know the Kent eagle adult male has that name but it is meaningful for many other applications... BUT I will settle for Small Fry too if that is the concensus of most.
Celeste 06/24/04 08:58 pm I do like Spirit better than Small Fry....short and sweet. And from the latest obs that chick 1 is pecking at 2 & 3 tonight after testing his wings, chickzilla sounds perfect. Plus Peace rounds it all "peacefully" I would say.
Jamie 06/24/04 09:00 pm chickzilla is good for bully no. 1 and Peace is great for no. 2, but I still like Hope for no. 3...just my opinion though :-)
Celeste 06/24/04 09:01 pm I do believe that last year Mickey after a couple of days after the suggestion of names we just started calling the chicks Liberty & Freedom. Am I remembering correctly? So perhaps at some point we can start referring to the determined names sometime over the weekend.
What does everyone think?
Celeste 06/24/04 09:02 pm Yikes I forgot Jamie your suggestion for Hope, I like that too. Oh, decisions, decisions!
Mickey 06/24/04 09:03 pm Spirit is a lovely name for #3 :)

So like does anyone have any other ideas or are we a go?

The way CZ was flappin tonight we better choose fast lol I give him till Sunday and its gone.
Marie 06/24/04 09:05 pm I like HOPE too Jamie :-))
Mickey 06/24/04 09:07 pm ok so we have it nailed down for Chickzilla for #1 and Peace for #2.

for #3 its Spirit or Hope.

I like Spirit because it does have it !
Marie 06/24/04 09:10 pm YOU choose are the one that got us rolling tonight.OK EVERYONE?
Marie 06/24/04 09:13 pm I remember too why I chose SPIRIT...the name brings back the memory of little # 4
Kathy 06/24/04 09:14 pm Hi Jamie and Celeste, I forgot that Hope was mentioned as the name for the third chick. I also like Marie's suggestion about Spirit.
Chickzilla is perfect for #1.
Kathy 06/24/04 09:20 pm Ok Marie, got me, SPIRIT is good for #3, in memory of #4, oh my heart is aching.
Chickzilla #1 and Peace for #2. Oh the confusion.
Marie 06/24/04 09:32 pm Mine too Kathy, I still weep at times when I think of that little fella. 12 days was just too many days to survive when we consider his end, and just enough time for this 'SOFTIE 'to have him find a place in her/my heart.
Kathy 06/24/04 09:55 pm Marie, I finally got the courage to watch the clip of what happened to #4. I sat here crying.
I do believe that his/her Spirit is inside each one of the chicks.
Marie 06/24/04 10:08 pm It takes courage to watch that video and like you the flood gates opened. We as humans can never understand that kind of behaviour but we certainly have to accept it. It is all part of the Creation, life and death issues that we all face in our own lives. God's Plan.
Cecilia 06/24/04 10:12 pm Okay...I love Chickzilla for #1 (did anyone mention that it was Tim who called her by that name? Thank you Tim!!!). And chick # 2 has been a real trooper; never aggressive and usually willing to share, so Peace sounds great! I like Spirit for #3, better than Hope, because we all had HOPE for him but he had the SPIRIT to make it!!! So let's do it...let's toast to: "Chickzilla", the lovable fish hog; "Peace", the mellow middle chick, and "Spirit", the little guy who gave us all hope!

All's well in osprey land tonight...may it be so in all of your homes as well! Sweet dreams! Cecilia
Nancy L 06/24/04 11:30 pm Amen! Chickzilla (CZ), Peace & Spirit.
Lori 06/24/04 11:45 pm The names have been notorized in osprey land!!!
Great Choices!!!!
Tay 06/25/04 02:47 am I know Im new here and I dont post often But I agree with the names Chickzilla (CZ), Peace & Spirit. very fitting for our three chicks I think. Good names guys:)
Celeste 06/25/04 04:11 am Well, here I am at the crack of dawn and yes, I will start this am with Chickzilla, Peace & Spirit! Amen!
Shelley 06/25/04 05:54 am Good morning! I was out like a light before 9 pm last night so I see I missed all the action. But I love the choices of names and I agree that they are all very fitting and well-matched to the chicks' personalities.

Well done!
Mickey 06/25/04 10:00 am MozelTov !
Kathy 06/25/04 10:38 am Great obs this morning Celeste. They finally have names!!!!!!

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