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Thread subject: Curious question for Dave of DPOF
Name Date Message
Celeste 06/24/04 07:18 pm Some of us 2nd year observers, have "developed" e-mail correspondence because of this website, and we were wondering if the DPOF as a group ever reads our observations or questions and discuses them. By the way,we are always very pleased Dave when you write something or acknowledge our posts. Particularly the recent thread regarding some kind of "sponsored" video (or something) of this live cam from last year and currently. We would love to know if any of the "professonals" have learned anything "new" from the observation board, etc. Our thoughts are that if there was anything "worthy" enough, (archived videos, daily observations, etc), in some way be used as a vehicle to ultimately benefit the legacy of the Dennis Puleston's Fund.
Mickey 06/24/04 07:33 pm I`d like to add to what Celeste said.I agree with what she said and would love to hear answers to her questions. The group we have here clearly is a smart bunch. But this doesnt mean we know it all. I find myself missing the weekly commentaries
(alot) and posts on the msg board by DPOF staffers.
Marie 06/24/04 08:47 pm I would like to ask Dave S of DPOF how old do the experts think Betty is? How old is Dennis? Is he a new male to this nest site over the past three years? Any ideas as to how long Ospreys have used this nest site, and how long have the present couple used it. Perhaps I have missed previous postings from last year as this is my first year of viewing. I have so enjoyed countless HOURS of osprey viewing. I too would love to see a video made of the present nesting if possible. I would be one of the first to buy it...well I guess those locally will be first...but you can count of me.
Stella 06/24/04 08:50 pm Looks like the guys are almost ready to fly the nest, a lot of wing flapping tonight. It won't be long now/
Dave S 06/25/04 10:07 am Although I am a member of the DPOF, I'm not really an "Expert" on the osprey. I am one of the computer guys who helped assemble the camera and I help maintain the archives and like many of you an amature birder. I have been watching the ospreys since we started the camera up last year, so I have seen what you have. I have learned a great deal from your postings and encourage you all to continue. By sharing your research and observations we have all learned. And yes, when we have met as a group we have discussed your postings. We are spread out over North America and don't meet often, but we do communicate via e-mail.
Rick M 06/25/04 10:43 am I am responding to one of Marie's questions about the current DPOF nest. My father in law who worked at LILCO with Dennis Puleston's guidance erected the pole with platform in the later 70's ( about 77 or 78). and soon thereafter the first ospreys came and nested on it. Dennis was beside himself with happiness. He had a scope set up to observe the ospreys.
So the long winded answer to one of your questions is the ospreys have been using this pole and nest every year since around '77 or '78. As to the other questions I'd be guessing.
Marie 06/25/04 12:48 pm Thank you Rick. That was a good start so I am happy. When I read 'DENNIS WAS BESIDE HIMSELF' I immediately thought of Dennis the osprey and declared...My goodness he is an old BIRD! Then I realised who you were talking about. Whose voice says 'TOO Late' on the very first video footage that was taken last year of the osprey nest? I just checked it out last night for the first time. Interesting stuff.
Rick M 06/25/04 03:24 pm It was Tom Shea's who said "too late" on the very first video clip
Celeste 06/25/04 03:45 pm Thank you once again Dave and Rick for the "attention" you give us on this message board! It is much appreciated.
Marie 06/25/04 05:33 pm guys are great!!! Now if someone can get all those crazy questions of mine answered... :-))
Dave S 06/25/04 06:28 pm Marie,
It is impossible to tell how long the current birds have been using the nest or what their age is, they were never banded. They must be very mature because they have been so successful, but there really is no way to tell. Prior to the cam, no detailed marks have been noted, and there is no way to tell if the same birds have been there or for how long. Some info from this site is going to be left to guess! I can say that the markings on the adults and the fact that they arrived together at the nest at about the same time indicates that they are the same pair as last year. Because of the location of the nest and the rules we have to follow to administrate the camera, we can't (at this time) do more to I-D the birds.
Marie 06/25/04 06:33 pm Thank you Dave...I understand. Thanks for your posting.
Mickey 06/25/04 06:37 pm Thanks for clearing up some questions Dave and Rick. See? That didnt hurt much did it? *wink*
Shelley 06/25/04 09:03 pm One more question here. Do you guys think the info learned here, with the cam, message board and observation database over the last 2 years, might be used to write a book or produce a video? I think it could be not only a huge success from a popularity standpoint, but also could potentially benefit the DPOF tremendously.

Just wondering....
Rick M 06/25/04 09:23 pm Responding to Shelly's question:
I don't know about a book or video, although it is an interesting idea, but I will say this: the observations and your collective vigilance has resulted in a never before documented event( albeit a rather unpleasant one) and that is canabilism in ospreys. Because you(all of you, that is) were so observant, this was a previously un known although suspected behavior in ospreys. So this cam and your participation has made osprey history (again, an unpleasant facet of osprey behavior) Keep up the good work. And thanks for all YOUR hard work
Marie 06/26/04 01:15 am HARD WORK...never! MR.DAVE and MR.Rick this is pure pleasure. We do this for the pure love of our SUBJECT.( I am sure I speak for all of us who frequent this message board.)If this is work, it is the most pleasant kind I know. It brings so many rewards. I wish I could say that about my own employment. Just keep that camera in good working order, please, for we don't ever want to miss the action.
Celeste 06/26/04 04:33 am We are grateful Rick for the answer regarding the video, etc. Particularly for us second time observers who have been wondering about it to ourselves and "out loud" for a while. We have thought it would be a positive benefit for the DPOF fund, though we also realize the monumental task it would be also.

I also echo Marie in her sentiments. This website has given me and continues to give me much more than I could ever imagine, in so many ways. I am more than grateful that we are having the opportunity to experience this nest a second year in a row. As always, we are grateful for the opportunity to learn about this bird, and somehow in our small ways contribute to Dennis Puleston's legacy and hopes for this bird.
Marie 06/26/04 09:26 am Just another question for DPOF. I was intrigued to know if you wonderful folk at DPOF have figured a speciial day in July for LIFT-OFF for the first chick?

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