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Thread subject: Who's who?
Name Date Message
Cecilia 06/25/04 02:09 pm What a peaceful scene...the way they are napping in the nest is so languid, like cats. One of them is on his side with his left foot stretched out over that big branch. He just got up to send one over the side so now they're all up and preening.
He is whimpering so I assume he is Spirit but I don't think I can tell them apart any more. Which is wonderful because it means that #3 is doing so well! I've been trying to see the patterns on the tops of their heads (that's how I can tell Dennis and Betty apart) but the winds usually keep those feathers moving too much to see any distinctive markings. Has anyone else noticed anything different about each of them to help identify them? (Besides #3's constant talking :-) One does seem to have more dark feathers near the front of his head...
Celeste 06/25/04 02:46 pm I know exactly what you mean Cecilia....I was searching this morning for some distinguishing differences, and yes your right, joyfully it is harder and harder to tell them apart. I still can only determine if they are in a row together either lying down, or standing, there is still a very slight difference in size between the 3 of them. I suspect that eventually it will be impossible! Though we do know in the end the larger chicks are usually the females. Wow, maybe we have 3 females!!!!!!!!I am woman I am strong!!!!!!!
Shelley 06/25/04 03:20 pm Hear me, that would be, hear me chirp, squawk, etc! LOL :-D
Mickey 06/25/04 06:52 pm To me CZ is a male. From day 1 he has ruled the nest. I can tell its CZ when he takes charge at feeding time if he does,when he flaps(though this is becoming increasingly harder with the rapid growth of the others)Also to me Peace is a female.She has always been mellow and indeed peaceful. I dont think I have ever observed her being aggressive to her siblings. #3/Spirit to me is smaller then anyone. I first look at its head.Its smaller.Then I listen to its voice.Its less mature and as some of you have said during feedings it it very yappie. Soon, within a week to 10 days, I think its safe to say we wont be able to decipher between the chicks. I know naming them is silly but its fun :)

Celeste? 3 females? LMAO :p
Shelley 06/25/04 08:57 pm Mickey, Mickey, Mickey.....and what exactly is wrong with 3 females??? Oh, you know you are cruising for a bruising, my friend...;-)

Having been a bossy big sister myself, once upon a time, I think you may need to rethink your comment about CZ.

Hey gals, I think we need to cure him of such chauvinism. On the count of three, I say we surround him and {{{group}}} hug him till he changes his mind!

Shelley, falling off my chair laughing...
Cecila 06/25/04 10:04 pm Mickey, Mickey, Mickey...such a chauvinist!

No way is #1 a male...she's definately a female. I say this because she is so much less agressive that #1 was last year and, in general, a much more cooperative nestmate!

I think #2 is a male, but he is very smart and he understood the pecking order right he is mellow and non-combative.

And #3 ? As I've said before...I think 3 is a she! She is patient, but persistant, and expresses herself vocally not physically! :-) Oh I're all nodding and saying I'm nuts :-) But until proven wrong I'm calling CZ, a "she, Peace, a "he" and Spirit, a "she"!!!
Celeste 06/26/04 06:10 am Aha! Mickey, 2 females at LEAST! We are still, "I am woman, I am strong"!!!!
Shelley (with a great big wink) 06/26/04 07:32 am Mickey? C'mon out, Mickey, we won't bite, honest! Anyone who can wear an umbrella hat with such style has to know that we'll love ya no matter what! ;-)
Marie 06/26/04 09:18 am I am in total agreement with Cecile about female distribution. Perfect order of gender. We girls have got to keep that one male in check but it is HARD to remember that CZ is a SHE!!! For just the way it behaves seems rather masculine at times. ;-)
Tiger 06/26/04 01:28 pm It is very hard to tell the gender of a young osprey. Even experts get it wrong.

Matt 06/26/04 04:02 pm Well instead of guessing, I went up into the nest and asked each one personally, and they said they were all males.

Now i'm gonna get it.
Mickey 06/26/04 04:18 pm Well that settles that then doesnt it !?!

WTG Matt :)
Shelley 06/26/04 04:59 pm Um...anyone want ice cream???

(it's an old teacher trick: distract them, divert their attention and they'll forget about it quickly...;-) Hehehehehehe...
Dave S 06/26/04 07:30 pm My guess is the more vocal chicks are female, as in the adults. The females seem to call for food and the adult male, while the adult male is much more reserved and does not call out much from the nest. The adult male does vocalize quite a bit while in flight, so my theory may be full of holes! Any thoughts?
Matt 06/26/04 07:39 pm Dave, you're on the money with the male calling out during flight. I have seen that a lot of times. And the female does call from the nest quite a bit too. So your theory could be right.
Shelley 06/26/04 07:47 pm (whistling innocently.........)
Cecilia 06/26/04 10:34 pm So...Dave just confirmed my hypothesis...CZ, who is quite chatty is a female, Peace, who never peeps, is a male and Spirit, who never stops yammering, is a female! :-), :-), :-) Thanks Dave! I like your theory!
Marie 06/26/04 11:54 pm smile.......I like the way you put it Dave...I think you agree with what we GIRLS have recently determined about our growing family. Having watched one of the three nests of ospreys here in Victoria late this afternoon I too confirm that the female is most 'chatty' and the male is indeed reserved. I jump around doing a little dance when 'She' exhibits the same calls and behaviour when her mate is way off in the distance coming home with a fish. 'SHE' is just like Betty. It is amazing how far she sees. As soon as she starts her squealing I am looking 360 degrees trying to see from which point of the compass HE will arrive. It is amazing. Seeing for real and putting all the different calls together for the differnt behaviours is astounding. I get so is as though I know a new language...OSPREY
Nancy R 06/27/04 02:01 am I'm guessing that chick #3 is female because of observations made with human babies :-)

The infant mortality rate is generally higher for male babies. I've worked many years in several hospital newborn nurseries. Babies born early, or sick, have a greater survival rate if they are female. So I've felt all along that the survival of #3 was due in part to being a female.

On another note, our ospreys here in Florida fledged quite some time ago. The nests I've observed (3) have all fledged just one chick.
Shelley 06/27/04 07:10 am Just one chick per nest? Wow, that makes our nest even more remarkable, doesn't it? I think it's a combination of a really good year, weather-wise and fish-wise, as well as a very experienced and excellent pair of parents in addition to pretty well-behaved chicks and maybe a dash of plain old luck tossed in for good measure.

We are truly blessed.

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