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Thread subject: Help me Tiger
Name Date Message
Mickey 06/29/04 08:46 pm Several of us have a bet (I obviously lost this part of the bet). I cant tell you who bet what but the question is are you a male tiger or a female tiger.

Please help :)
Marie 06/30/04 02:47 am I think TIGER is male if anyone wants to hazzard a you really have to respond to put all our minds at rest. ;-))
Tiger 06/30/04 05:11 am All I can say is NOT AGAIN.

I wish I knew what it was that causes this problem on every message board I post on!

I certainly will tell you the answer if you tell me what causes the confusion in the first place!

Tiger 06/30/04 05:12 am Mickey it is not clear to me why you lost part of the bet!

Mickey 06/30/04 09:21 am Hi Tiger.I lost the mini bet by flipping a coin .So I had to make this thread.For the record I say your a Tigress. I can only speak for myself so here goes. Simply put its something to do. Alot of us talk on the phone now after the 2nd year and are just bored with to much time on our hands :) When we talk on the phone we often discuss many things board related. Your posts have been informative and very helpful.(now here comes my honesty that usually gets me in trouble) Some of your posts just seem to have a "edge" to them. Im from NY and alot of woman around here have this "in your face attitude". Some of your posts have a feminine feel and others a male feel.Thats why I guessed your a Tigress. You say it happens alot. I cant answer why. Please dont be offended.this is just a few bored people doing silly stuff :)
Shelley (with a great big wink) 06/30/04 10:11 am Heehee. Well, speaking as a female from Canada (not NY;-), I believe that most of us have male/female components to our personalities. It makes for a much more well-rounded human, I think! Pretty sharp perceptions on your part, Mickey! I've noticed that about you, too, if you don't mind my saying so. You are very much a New York man but you have also shown real tenderness and compassion that not all guys would feel comfortable revealing (even if they felt it and admitted it to themselves) on a message board to people they may have never met. Hats off to you, my friend (if I wore a hat, that is, I'd take it off! Even an umbrella hat!)

So, Tiger, we're sitting on the edge of our nests, now, awaiting the verdict.... ;-)
Tiger 06/30/04 10:54 am Oh Shelley I was hoping that everyone would record an opinion and why they hold that opinion.

What chance have we got of sexing young ospreys if we cannot do it for humans! :)

BTW I grew up in N Ireland, spent my university years in Scotland and have lived in London, England for quite some time.

Tiger 06/30/04 10:57 am Mickey. No I am not offended in the least. I am just fascinated as to what it is that causes this confusion. I have been aware of it for quite a number of years and have been known to add my gender to my posting name.

Shelley Hyatt 06/30/04 10:58 am Sneaky, very sneaky..... ;-)

C'mon everyone, the gauntlet's been thrown down now..............
RonS 06/30/04 11:13 am Until I read this thread, I never questioned Mr. Tiger's gender. Either I'm inherently intuitive (and correct) or just another insensitive male from NOO YAWK. :~D
Nancy L 06/30/04 11:43 am Well, for mo reason I can think of, I just thought you were a female Tiger......Next--
Nancy Ludlow 06/30/04 11:45 am Of course, that was NO reason.
Nancy L. 06/30/04 11:47 am And there's my last name in print, too.
Mickey 06/30/04 12:20 pm I AM noticing how VERY quiet Kathy,Cecilia AND Celeste are being :) Come on in girls.The waters just fine !!
Shelley 06/30/04 12:20 pm Darn those drop down menus! I never meant to post my full name but it happened! I'm sure that's a feature of great convenience for some people but not so for careless, and hurried types like me, who are often too lazy to proofread before hitting *post*! Oh well...;-)

And just so no one starts a bet, I'll tell you upfront: no, I am NOT related to the hotel chain!!! :-D
Shelley 06/30/04 12:21 pm Mickey, I think you've created a monster!!!

Shelley, falling off my chair, laughing...thump!
Tiger 06/30/04 12:26 pm No monster at all. This is one I am very familar with.

Ron BTW it is Dr Tiger but that is of no use at all to solve this problem :)

Mickey you can always advise me when all those who createed this quiz have posted their opinion!

Shelley 06/30/04 12:30 pm I know!!!! Tiger, you are really Mickey, in disguise!!!!!

Of course, you realize that the winner must get a picture....... ;-)
Kathy 06/30/04 12:57 pm A monster created? How simple it would be to just answer the question. Why play games?
Tiger 06/30/04 01:35 pm Ah but then we would never know why the question was created in the first place.

Why be so reluctant to say?

Kathy 06/30/04 01:40 pm Not reluctant, actually doesn't matter to me.
Cecilia 06/30/04 02:02 pm Tiger = Male

Tigress = Female seemed obvious.

And, also because of Tiger Woods...he's the only person I know of with Tiger as a first name.

But...we really don't know if Tiger is a first name, last name or it's pretty hard to guess.

I'm still guessing male but we'll be happy either way :-) Now all of you...GET BACK TO WORK!
RonS 06/30/04 03:18 pm My humble apologies, O Striped Doctor. I just used the MR. to indicate my guess as to your gender. As they say in bad gangster movies, "Wit no disrespect intended".
Celeste 06/30/04 03:42 pm Well I am in a whirlwind today trying to "catch up" with this very busy message board. I spent the day in the emergency room with my 83 yr old mother who broke her wrist badly. So Celeste has not been avoiding you guys. I am on the same page as Cecilia regarding who Tiger is. The bottom line is I believe that this website on the whole has drawn such wonderful, friendly, intelligent people. It amazes me that we are from all over, USA, Europe, Canada, and we are talking and discussing all kinds of things on this board. Of course, none of us are perfect, and I am sure all of us write or do something that raises an "eyebrow" of someone somewhere. But wow, we are actually discussing all kinds of things and on the whole we are very kind to each other. I think all of us has given this website dignity, intelligence , politeness, etc. Yes, there have been times that I felt "oops, did I say something wrong" when someone responded to my post and I also thought, hmm "lighten up" when I read a response to my posts. I would actually have angst, and Mickey knows I would write him and ask "did I offend anybody".

So my next question is did all the chicks eat today? My husband wants to use this computer, and I am going to try and take a nap!!!!! After all, how can I post before dawn tomorrow. What would you people do if I didn't.

Sorry to hear about your Mom and hope she recovers swiftly.

Everyone who was involved in the bet has answered now Tiger :) So ????? :)
Tiger 06/30/04 04:24 pm Ok since Mickey assures me that the answers are now all in I can let you know the answer.

Well Tiger is very much MALE but for some unknown reason is most often perceived to be female on those message boards where gender is not indicated.

Indeed in the not too distant past I was chatted up by a female who thought I was female!!! :)

I first chose the name Tiger when I made my first post on a message board on 25th May 1999. It has a subtle connection to my real name.

Oh BTW on those places where the tag Tiger is not available I become known as the Mountainzone Tiger.

Tiger 06/30/04 04:34 pm I guess Marie has a strong claim to winning the bet!
Marie 06/30/04 05:00 pm Thank you Dr. Tiger....I knew it all along for I have been known for my intuitive( not spelling qualities) Your messages and logical thinking gave you away from the start. Well that was my opinion of your messages anyway! You seemed to always give us the FACTS!!! As well, you wanted the logical facts too. Men, I have learned are linea thinkers and mostly don't want to get involved with the emotional stuff that we great females on here like to share.( Now I am not saying that the guys on here aren't great too so please don't get ME wrong.) I was born and raised in London, England so we Brits sometimes say it in a way that can be misinterpreted. Welcome aboard 'TIGER' now that we know who you are... we welcome all your expertise. So will you now share what you are a DR. of???? Perhaps Medicine?
Tiger 06/30/04 06:11 pm My doctorate is in organic chemistry but I have not created any new states of nature in the recent past. Still it is nice to know that some of my discoveries will remain for a very long time.

My interests in ospreys was sparked when I read the book "The Scottish Ospreys" (from extinction to survival) by Philip Brown.

In recent years the Internet has made the following of any specialised topic much easier.

It was amazing in June 2001, when the first osprey to be born in England for 150 years, was hatched at Rutland Water. Remarkably a few days later another one was hatched in the Lake Disrict.
Mickey 06/30/04 06:13 pm From now on Im calling you Doc :) Thank you for answering and costing me 1 dinner! :p
Mickey 06/30/04 06:19 pm I forgot......... I was wrong and someone was right :) (consider the bet paid ! )
Tiger 06/30/04 07:04 pm Shelley....the picture

Shelley, bowing deeply.... 06/30/04 07:31 pm Very impressive! I guess you've earned your *stripes*.....(sorry, I couldn't resist...;-)

Thank you for the pic and for being such a good sport, Tiger!

Marie 06/30/04 11:47 pm have earned your stripes as Shelley put it. Nice PIC. Hopefully we were all invited to take a peek. Not for Shelly's eyes ONLY. ;-))
Celeste 07/01/04 04:13 am I also took a "peek" nice to "meet" you.
Tiger 07/01/04 05:13 am I guess it would be very naive to publish a pic and then think that only the person you mentioned would look.

I can now understand much better the psychology of this in that it seems like the "stranger in town" syndrome like in "For a Few Dollars More".

Still no closer to sussing why I write in a way that is perceived to be female. My own theory is that it is something to do with the fact that I grew up with four sisters.

Mind you Marie and Ron were not foxed at all and others of you got it right too.

Cecilia........Tiger Woods real name is actually Eldrick Woods :)

Cecilia 07/01/04 08:55 am Well no wonder he changed his name to "Tiger :-)

And for the record...I always thought you "sounded" like a man in your posts. Maybe people "hear" what they want to hear...LOL
Kathy 07/01/04 11:14 am Very nice to meet you Tiger.
Kathy 07/01/04 11:14 am Very nice to meet you Tiger.
Kathy 07/01/04 11:15 am Sorry for double post. I guess I am "doubly" nice to meet you.

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