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Thread subject: Amazing photos
Name Date Message
Shelley 06/30/04 07:15 am Courtesy of the eaglecam message board's photo album:

Check out the sequence of the cat vs eagle photos! Amazing!! There was some discussion on that board as to whether they were actually for real or whether someone *doctored* them. I know little to nothing about computer photo *doctoring* but these look awfully real to me!

Also, if you look at the next 2 pages, check out the banding photos. They really give you a sense of just how HUGE an eagle's nest actually is!!!!!
Barbara 06/30/04 08:28 am Thanks, Shelley. Great pics!
Cecilia 06/30/04 03:16 pm I loved the cat ones the best! The eagle looks like he is trying to figure out if he would be able to carry that "meal" back to his nest :-) Thanks Shelly.
Kathy 06/30/04 03:25 pm Loved the ones with the cats and eagle.
Shelley 06/30/04 04:49 pm As I mentioned, there had been some discussion on the eaglecam board about whether the pics were authentic. I posted the exact message on my other Animal Life board, as I posted here (above) and I just have to share with you a reply I got from one of my friends there! It cracked me right up! She lives in Alaska and sees eagles very often. She wrote:

"While the eagle does look like it could have been "pasted" into the cat photos, my guess would be that they are real photos. If an eagle isn't hungry, it won't kill the cats. I've seen eagles ignore "prey" many times when they have just gorged themselves on other food.

Now, if only we humans would learn to not eat everything put in front of us...."

Marie 07/01/04 12:22 am Thanks Shelley, wow what an incredible series of Eagle/cat shots. Doctoring up PICS is...(I won't say what I feel at this time) something that a lot of people love to do. Some call it being creative... They use photshop software on the computer and you can do anything...add, remove, change colour, and sharpen the name it , you can do it with those new computer soft ware programs. Suddenly you can create the 'PERFECT PICTURE' but is that ethical? A distortion of reality??? A new kind of ART perhaps, and believe me I love Art. Hardly the true picture anymore nor the original moment. I am still a traditionalist...but trying to move one step at a time into the New Age of photography.

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