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Thread subject: Video Problems?
Name Date Message
Arthur 06/30/04 11:59 am Has anyone else had problems with the video feed recently? This past week I can only get audio, the screen remains black. It had been working fine prior to this. I have the same problem at home and at work so its not firewall or ISP related. Very frustrating to only hear them!
Kathy 06/30/04 01:02 pm I had a problem yesterday with my video, Arthur.
My picture was blurry and it looked like it was playing in slow motion. Today it is fine.
Arthur 06/30/04 04:33 pm Yup, I had the same type of problem you described from time to time but at least I always got a picture. Now...nada. :(
Pam 06/30/04 04:51 pm It would be interesting to know how others view Realplayer i.e. floating ? normal size ? double size ? theater mode? and how many people watch whilst viewing other cams, working or even playing freecell (like me !). Also do others capture lots of shots (like me!) and then have the job of cropping, enhancing, filing and all that tedious stuff. It all pays off though when you can watch your slide show right from the mating period, through egg laying, hatching, little chicks, big chicks and, yet still to enjoy, fledging. Do any of you capture your own video clips ?
Mickey 06/30/04 06:09 pm Hi Pam. When Im only watching the DPOF nest its in 2x mode. If Im watching the WoodsHole nest, the DPOF is in normal mode. I play Backgammon against other people in a league and always have our nest minimized. I dont capture anything because Im pretty much watching or have it on with the sound turned up real loud. Sometimes I have birds outside sit outside my windows yelling back.
Dave S 06/30/04 06:25 pm Many of the problems that occur are a result of a large number of viewers watching at the same time. There can also be a lot of traffic on your local network nodes that can interfere. We are broadcasting (streaming) at the maximum that Optonline will allow for high-speed access and for dial-up, we only have a very little bandwidth we can use. This is a very budget limited project, but we are trying to find ways to improve our feed.
Dave S 06/30/04 06:27 pm I'm sorry, I left out that if you have a problem, try restarting the feed. Click the start/stop button and then click it again to restart. This may clear the problem.
Marie 06/30/04 11:34 pm That is exactly what I do Dave when things get a little blurred or the cam goes dead. Always works if you start again ...most times that is.

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