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Thread subject: Fledging Day
Name Date Message
Tiger 07/01/04 06:54 pm I guess it is time for everyone to decide what day will be fledging day.

I am tempted to go for July 4 but I will go for July 5 at 7am for the first real flight.

Any other offers!

Marie 07/01/04 07:40 pm I believe it will be the 4th too for the 1st chick. The second the 5th or 6th and little Spirit on the 7th. In other words we don't have much time left for our family to be with us and that is going to be sad.......
Shelley 07/01/04 08:07 pm OH NO!!!!! I am leaving tomorrow for Montreal to go visit my family. I won't be home until the 6th! My mom has a computer but I don't know if I'll be able to check in much.

Waaaaaaa...!!! CHICKS: don't leave home without me!!!
Marie 07/01/04 08:27 pm This is the third time I have tried to post this message.
Ahhhhhhh Shelley, please don't cry. There is always next year!! Some consolation that is I know!I will put 'LEG IRONS' on them all so they will still be here when you return.
Have a great visit to Montreal. I have never been there but hear that it is a great city. Safe flying yourself Shelley.
Shelley 07/01/04 09:03 pm I'm taking the train, actually. Maybe DPOF will be able to capture some new clips over the next few days.....(hint, hint...) ;-). Fly safely, little kids! I'll sure miss you!

I also had a bit of trouble posting the last message, had to try 3 times.

As I type right now, there is are 2 extremely noisy blue jays squawking back and forth outside my window. But, as noisy as they are, they are quite elusive and I rarely actually see them. Once in awhile, they stop at my birdbath and I just love how vibrant their colours are!
Cecilia 07/01/04 09:35 pm I'm positive that CZ and Peace will fledge this weekend because I won't be here either:-(

But I'll put my "bet" in...I'm picking July 6th at 5:45 am!

Lori 07/01/04 11:17 pm nah---- it'll be the 7th early afternoon! :-))
Shelley 07/02/04 07:06 am Thanks, Lori, I'm holding you to that!!! ;-)
RonS 07/02/04 11:37 am How's this for going "out on a limb"?
Fledging schedule:
CZ 7/4 at 7:04 AM
Peace 7/5 at 2:35 PM
Spirit 7/9 at 5:45 AM
Tiger 07/02/04 06:49 pm Oh Ron I am becoming a real fan of your clear predictions. No hedging your bets!

RonS 07/02/04 08:08 pm With such precision, the odds are not in my favor. But if I am ever correct, oh how sweet it is!!!!
Tiger 07/03/04 05:54 am Might it not be Spirit that is the first to fly? After all it is the sleekest osprey. Also if you were always having to wait for your meals might you not want to leave home first?

This is just a hedge since I notice how Spirit is really flapping away now.

I realise I have no real knowledge of whether it is the oldest that is fist to fly.

I do know that is not necessarily the most aggressive which survives the first few years.
RonS 07/03/04 07:49 am You make a very valid point,especially since I saw Spirit hold about 2-3 inches of air last night during some vigorous flapping. This in spite of a severe storm raging at the time!
Tiger 07/03/04 06:55 pm So the first prediction falls due in about 12 hours!

Tiger 07/04/04 07:12 pm Aren't ospreys supposed to limit the fish to encourage the young to fledge??

Yet there have been fish everywhere these last few days!

Fishy......very fishy.

Tiger 07/05/04 05:40 pm So we now know the answer??

Or do we??

Spirit at 2.25pm on Monday July 5.

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