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Thread subject: voices
Name Date Message
Shelley 04/09/04 01:22 pm I can hear people in the background! I can't make out what they're saying but it sounds like kids. Isn't this place private, not open to the public? Could THESE intruders have caused disturbance to the ospreys? Of course, that doesn't explain the third osprey, obviously, but just hearing people talking is a bit disconcerting.

The wind has sure picked up. Could I be imagining the voices? NO, I hear them again, as I'm typing now. My volume is turned up but I still can't make out what they're saying
Shelley 04/09/04 01:23 pm I can hear a man's voice now, as well.
Mickey 04/09/04 01:49 pm These werent far away voices either. It was 1 or 2 children with their Dad. One kid was saying we hop over this or jump over that. They were clearly tresspassing Shelly.
Kathy 04/09/04 02:19 pm Mickey,
We may have a problem if people know the nests location and get curious and start investigating
and trespassing.
Tom I 04/09/04 09:12 pm The nest is within a National Wildlife Refuge far enough away from most people (very few homes are in this area). There is refuge staff housing very close by and some have families w/kids, this could have been one of them??

I believe the theory of this site is to be mostly hands off and let nature take its course, so having an osprey 911 might not fit what they envision for it.

Ospreys can often take a lot of disturbance and not get too stressed. Take the nest on Sunrise Hwy, right over a very busy highway or the Ram Island Dr (Shelter Island) nest also right on a busy road with people walking/running directly under the nest and cars stopping under it to look and take pictures of the birds. I've observed this several times and the birds often don't seem to care. I guess they must feel fairly safe 20-30 feet up in the air on their nest! If they do feel someone is getting a little too close they'll usually give a vocal warning and may take to the air to get a better view.

I happen to watch an osprey on the prowl for a fish today along the Carmans River at Montauk Hwy and got to see it hover, line up on a fish, and go into a dive - crashing into the water going after a school of alwifes that I was watching from the bridge, neat!! I wasn't able to see if it was successful though (darn trees).

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