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Thread subject: Osprey Books
Name Date Message
Tiger 07/03/04 06:38 am I cannot help thinking that the osprey books will have to be rewritten in the light of the wealth of new information we are receiving via high quality webcams.

It is rather like what happened with the planets when they first sent space probes. If you pick up a book from say 1970 about the planets almost everything in it is now "wrong".

I have only got one osprey book and that is "The Scottish Ospreys". It is a truly fascinating read and illustrates just how silly man can be even when the consequences of his actions are entirely clear. The accounts from the 1850s of how people kept on shooting ospreys and stealing their eggs is truly heartbreaking.

I have just had a look on Google and I see that some copies of this book are still floating around on the Internet.

So do you have any pet books to recommend now that we face a long fallow period where we are not going to have much osprey stuff to discuss?

Celeste 07/03/04 09:46 am The following book is an excellent "read" on Osprey written in 2001 by David Gessner....It is called "Return of the Osprey" A Season of Flight and Wonder. It takes place in Cape Cod, Massachussetts, where David observes several nests from the ground near his summer cottage. What made this book so interesting was "seeing" what is going on outside and around the osprey nest as well as what we see "inside" with this cam. A few of us have read it that observed this site last year and we love it. It is also the kind of book that can be read and reread, like watching a great movie more than once. It was especially wonderful reading it over the winter! It is available here in the States.... in softcover or hardcover. Since it was a gift I am not aware if it is available in the library.
Tiger 07/03/04 09:54 am Thank you for that recommendation Celeste. I will put it on my "wants list".

Kathy 07/03/04 10:35 am Thank you Celeste, I just went to and ordered the book and Winged Migration. I thought by now, someone in my family would have taken my hint about the Winged Migration DVD and given it to me as a gift,but now it will be my gift to ME.
Marie 07/03/04 11:02 am Fantastic will love Winged Migration. I will go out today and see if I can get myself an Osprey book. Anyone know the other osprey book by Dennis someone, that is out of print.???I think Celeste has mentioned it before.
Celeste 07/03/04 12:29 pm The book that is out of print but is available in libraries in the States (don't remember the exact title, but it is by Alan Poole. It was written in the late 70's, I believe,and I notice a lot of osprey sites quote from it.
Celeste 07/03/04 03:27 pm When you watch Winged Migration, you will want the CD as the music is haunting. I loved listening to it especially during the time I thought the osprey were flying back to our nest in early Spring.
Marie 07/03/04 09:26 pm I had to special order the book in for they didn't have it available. Hardly a hot number here I guess. Did find the book called Silent Spring so got that one to start.( when I have a spare moment.)Hee Hee!
Shelley 07/03/04 11:14 pm Is that the classic *Silent Spring* by Rachel Carson? Scary stuff, how prophetic she was!!!
Marie 07/04/04 12:57 am Yes Shelley that is the BOOK. I have never read it.
Shelley 07/04/04 10:54 am I read it years ago and still have my old copy. I will find a website I recently found and post it for you. I have it saved on my computer at home so I'll do it when I get home Tuesday. She was an amazing woman, so very ahead of her time in her thinking about our environment and our attitudes toward it. It's so sad to realize how prophetic she was and little her warnings have been heeded. I also have another wonderful book by her called *The Sense of Wonder*, written for her nephew. It's lovely.
Melanie 07/06/04 10:01 am I got a copy of Gessner's book a few weeks ago - what's great for me is that his nest are two miles from my folks house - Mom called me last summer from a resturant in Hyannis all excited because she had seen her first Osprey. I kind of ho-hummed it because here in Annapolis on the Chesapeake they are everywhere. Everything has a different perspective now, though. We have a nesting pair in the channel marker at the end of my creek which has been active again this year - however, I have not seen ANY opsrey activity at all for the past week. Usually I at least hear them on my evening walk.

I just looked up Poole's book on Amazon and there are two used copies available - for $150+ each. Yikes.

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