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Thread subject: A quick check-in
Name Date Message
Shelley 07/03/04 04:50 pm Hi all,

I'm on my mom's computer and just catching up on messages and observations. Then I tried to have a peek at the nest and I have a question. First of all, my mom has a dial-up connection and the cam pic was pretty stop-and-go, not the smooth streaming video I have grown accustomed to (yes, I am very spoiled! I know). But although I stared and watched patiently for a good 4 or 5 minutes, I could swear I only saw 2 chicks!!! One was in the middle of the nest,facing the camera and the other was at the 11, almost 12, o'clock position. Try as I might, I couldn't discern any mmovement from anywhere else in the nest that might be a sleeping chick, blending in with his surroundings. Am I delusional or are we all off on our fledging date guesses???!!! Yikes! I'm hoping it was just the fuzzy screen and nothing more....

Also, I want to wish all my American friends here a safe and happy Fourth of July holiday weekend. Eat, drink and be merry but stay safe.

Talk to you soon...
Tiger 07/03/04 05:05 pm No I have already had the same thought. Two of them are lying close together at about 8 o clock. The other is at the back. I think it is Spirit.

Shelley 07/03/04 05:16 pm WHEW! Thanks, Tiger....! ;-)
Celeste 07/03/04 05:24 pm They are all there making a racket. Just realized you are in Montreal!!!! Our weather today is what my husband would call a Canada day!
Not too warm, sunny and low humidity!
Mickey 07/03/04 07:42 pm People using dialup connections shouldnt be allowed to post observations :))))
Marie 07/03/04 08:54 pm Good to know you arrived safely SHELLEY. Hope you are having a good time. Neat EH???( Canadian talk) To be able to keep in touch where ever you go. Remember I was in England in May trying to keep up to date. Computers are incredible machines...but there are some down sides to this invention. Not the place to discuss here.
Shelley 07/03/04 11:21 pm Yes, we are also having fabulous weather here today, a perfect day, really. Hey, Mickey, watch yourself, pal, or I'll blow some mean humidity down your way!! ;-) Hehe

I have had highspeed since last August or September and can scarcely remember dial-up. I can't believe how long I actually put up with it before I succumbed! And of course, I can never look back now. But my mom is not nearly as hooked on the internet as I am so she just sees it as another expense (which it is, of course, but it's a matter of priorities, isn't it??)

I promise I won't complain anymore if you promise to keep the chicks home till I get back home! Deal? ;-)

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