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Thread subject: Question
Name Date Message
Stephanie 07/03/04 08:23 pm I have been enjoying watching the little ones grow. I had a question. A few days ago, I saw one of them "back up", towards the edge of the nest, then out came his business or what I believe I have heard others call a "poop rocket".
My question is, do they intentionally do this "out of the nest" ?
Take care,
Tiger 07/03/04 08:27 pm I do believe they do. At least it always seem to go in the "right" direction.

Celeste 07/03/04 08:28 pm In fact yes. I recently read this..(instinct)'s their way of keeping the nest "clean". In fact, the adults will continuously bring seaweed or other nesting material in an attempt to keep the nest clean also. Another interesting this is that osprey themselves have "unique but not unpleasant odor", however I am always wondering what that nest must smell like with the remnants of fish.
Marie 07/03/04 08:33 pm YES, they instictively know how to do this manouver after the first week of life. If they didn't the nest would be a FOWL place to grow up in. Bad enough with having to eat ones dinner in the nest.It seems all the bigger birds send ROCKETS over the edge of the nest. Those little song birds that hatch in nest boxes seem to excrete their waste in little faecal sacs which the parent birds pick up in their bills and remove from the nest box or cavity. I know Swallows do this.
Mickey 07/03/04 08:34 pm Hi Steph........This is my 2nd year observing and I have once witnessed a chick poop on Moms chest.She didnt flinch ! I think the wall serves more then just a safety purpose.if you notice when they poop they back up to the nest wall then let go. *squirt*
Stella 07/04/04 09:14 am I have observed the Eagles do the same little poop rocket, very interesting how they know to keep the nest clean
Shelley 07/04/04 10:43 am My mom used to say *You make your bed, you sleep in it*. I guess this is a variation on that theme, hard-wired and passed on through the genes...;-)
Stephanie 07/04/04 04:50 pm Thanks so much for the replies.
Do they actually do this from 1 week of age and on? Wow!!

I had been watching the Harrisburg Peregrine Falcons and I never noticed any of this type of behavior with them. Is ithis instinctive behavior only limited to some birds?

Take care, Stephanie
Mickey 07/04/04 06:51 pm Hi Steph......As far as when they start doing it,I can only say its when they are able to waddle.In their very early days they are still being kept warm by Mom and sometimes Dad and still being fed.My point is, that they go and we just dont see the act.Ive always said that you know your watching to much Osprey Cam when you can predict when they are going to poop a rocket by their actions *wink*

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