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Thread subject: My Obs. of 10.32 this a.m.
Name Date Message
Pam 07/05/04 05:14 pm Mickey... have just been looking at my pic capture from this morning when I thought there were 2 chicks and Betty ...I now really think it was Betty - I can email the capture to you if you would like to see it ... but I dont want to post my email addy here, how about you ?
Bill 07/05/04 05:19 pm Pam sorry but I was watching the cam two hours this morning and Spirit was there the whole time. The lighting made his colors a little darker than normal. He was sitting on the edge of the nest most of the time getting ready for what was to come later on.
Tiger 07/05/04 05:21 pm Yes I was watching too and it was definitely Spirit that at the back of the nest.

Pam 07/05/04 05:26 pm OK Bill, I am just looking at the nest now with Spirit back and I'm sure you are correct....this is backed up by what I see now and that is that Spirit is standing on one leg which was what was happening this a.m. too. They are so gorgeous, this is riveting stuff at present but I am dividing my time between ospreys and orcas at the moment, both of which use Realplayer unfortunately. I have got a lot of captures which I am hoping to organise into a little picture history of the nest... from mating to fledging.
Mickey 07/05/04 05:41 pm Hi Pam.....thanks for offering but I will decline.I will however like the url where you got your capture software from please.
Tiger 07/05/04 05:53 pm It is always good to keep public and private addresses. gets me.

Marie 07/05/04 10:47 pm so Tiger...what is YOUR real name. Tiger must be a nick name??? I see you love ospreys to use it as your handle for your e-mail address.
Tiger 07/06/04 06:18 am Oh Tiger is my main alias. As you see I have an osprey alias too. Very occasionaly I become Paws or Stripey.

But my real name? Oh that is something I keep off the Internet for the most part.

Marie 07/06/04 10:41 am That I can understand. Guess I was too hasty as I simply wrote my own name when I first posted an obs. I should have used something like...ISIS as I am so into Egyptology, or Swallow, or even Flying High! My four/five favorite birds are Eagles, Herons, Swallows, Loons and now OSPREYS. Oh well, my real name hasn't caused me much grief. So far so good!
Tiger 07/06/04 11:25 am The reality is that 99.9% of the time an alias is not necessary. But occasionaly one is very glad to have one!
Shelley 07/06/04 06:16 pm Marie, I have some great swallow photos. In a local underground parking garage, barn swallows have been building their mud nests every summer, in the rafters. I love to go there to do my grocery shopping so I can watch them, close up. Last summer, a friend with a digital camera was visiting me and she captures some terrific photos of the mom feeding the chicks. We even got dive-bombed by the parents! They are beautiful birds!! I can scan and email the pics to you if you like and perhaps you can post them to your photo album so others here can view them.
Marie 07/06/04 07:07 pm Hey Shelley that would be lovely: But I don't have a picture album on the net so can't post to others other than through e-mail.I certainly would love to see them. I captured three baby barn swallows last year all with their mouths open ready for mom or dad to feed them, at the yacht club.
Shelley 07/06/04 07:15 pm Hmmmm, so, who was it who had that online photo album? Matt, wasn't it? He posted that pic I caught of the 2 eaglets early on, after they hatched? Hey, where is Matt these days, anyhow??? I'm happy to scan and email my pics to you, Marie and anyone else. I already have addies for some of you. Unfortunately, I am not yet computer savvy enough to know how to do more than than, at the moment...(insert blushing icon here!)

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