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Thread subject: Spirit's dreams
Name Date Message
Dorothy 07/05/04 07:04 pm he might be dreaming about these when he snoozes tonight:
I've been working on some Flash today, testing new features of the latest version. It requires broadband AND the Flash Player 7 (most recent) plugin player from

hope it works -- like I said, it's just a test page.
Tiger 07/05/04 07:12 pm Nah he will be dreaming of smacking Cz and then flying away! :)

Tiger 07/05/04 07:13 pm That clip played fine by the way.
Tiger 07/05/04 08:46 pm Most be wonderful for Spirit tonight.....saying "I can fly while my ugly sisters cannot" :)

Dorothy 07/05/04 08:49 pm I wonder if Spirit faked out his parents too(!), especially Betty. Well, they both must be out hunting; not too much fish today -- too much excitement for one day!
Marie 07/05/04 10:43 pm We will get you on that one TIGER...ugly my!! But nevertheless very cute... ;-))I am so proud of Spirit. His self confidence and ego must have grown by leaps and bounds. It will be interesting to watch if his behaviour changes in the nest in the morning.
Celeste 07/06/04 07:52 am Spirit's behavior so far this early am is still non-aggressive. He at first tried to get hold of the piece of fish from one of his siblings, but retreated when "given a look". It just made me more aware of how hard it is for the 3rd osprey to "make it". So many obstacles from the very beginning.....eating, fledging, fishing, and finally a successful migration. Though we know how low the survival statistics are in the end for fledged chicks, I wonder if any studies have been done with 3 chicks nests long term survival? It is very unusual for 3 chicks to survive a nest, and since we don't band, I am wondering if there has ever been a study. So many questions every single day.
Tiger 07/06/04 09:39 am It would be interesting to get some statistics on just how many times three chicks fledge from a nest. It seems really to depend on the supply of fish.

On examining the wings of a young osprey one can see stress lines brought on by whether there was a lack of fish or not. I suggest that Cz has less of these than Spirit!

It is the first migration which really devastates the ospreys. A very poor percentage survive their first migration.

When ospreys were first tracked in Europe some years ago we were amazed to discover that some birds stopped short in Spain and Portugal rather than fly the normal journey to west Africa.

I not have much knowledge of the migration route taken by American ospreys. I guess it also causes a lot of their deaths.

Tiger 07/06/04 10:01 am It seems like Spirit is not the only third chick who has to wait on its meals.
Celeste 07/06/04 05:01 pm Quite interesting Tiger....thank you.

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