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Thread subject: Multiple Osprey Sightings on the North Fork Today!
Name Date Message
Celeste 07/06/04 04:55 pm Today my husband and I had a wonderful osprey outing, (actually he wants me to say it was a rare day of "he was right day." We first drove to Greenport to see the osprey nest on the Oyster Ponds Causeway which is outside of Greenport. (for those of you who do not know Long Island, this area is very rural and New England like-we also have many wineries out that way)......The nest which I am used to observing on the causeway appeared to be abandoned. However, I saw at least several osprey either gliding above or fishing in the bay. There was also a couple of osprey just sitting on poles. I was happy and content just to watch the osprey flying above my head or sitting on the "power poles" along the causeway. He insisted on driving to Orient State Park the farthest you can drive on the North Fork. I wanted to stay put and just focus on the osprey that were "hanging out" on the causeway outside of Greenport. It was then that my husband was so right in insisting we drive further out to Orient Point. There were so many active nests I was besides myself. I did not even have to use my binoculars they were so close. In particular was a nest that I walked right up to in a small inlet. From the sounds coming from the nest I knew a feeding was going on with two chicks. I didn't need my binoculars as I was very close to the nest, so close that the female noticed me and stopped the feeding, and started chirping at me, including that "duck like sound" we have heard. Of course I didn't want to disturb her and backed away. When she saw I walked away, she resumed her feeding. Above there were osprey soaring and gliding. At one point she stopped the feeding again as she saw her mate in the distance and was calling out to him. I also came across a couple of other nests; both nests the female was sitting upright, and I could see a chick's wing stretching. What amazed me so was how close in size the chicks are to the adults. We know that they are 75% their full growth, however reading this fact and seeing it in person is awesome! It was so wonderful to imagine what I saw today as what is going on at our Wertheim nest. As we drove we could see osprey all over the sky soaring and gliding. By the way, the weather today was a typical "Canada like day", low 80's and no humidity. Perfect for watching this beautiful bird. Of course the whole trip home I had to tell my husband he was right about driving to the end of the North Fork! Thought I would share!
Marie 07/06/04 07:13 pm Ahhhhhhhhhh how fortunate you were and how very special. Sounds like some of those nests were very low for you to approach Celeste. Lucky YOU. !!! Yes your husband was RIGHT today. :-)) They love to be told that too...
Shelley 07/06/04 07:16 pm My friend lives in GreenportL just emailed this post of yours to her!!! I titled it "Be jealous, be very jealouds!!" I sure am!!!

Celeste, give your hubby a big hug and say *Way to go!!!* from me! What a fabulous day!!!!

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