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Thread subject: Do we have a winner??
Name Date Message
Shelley 07/06/04 10:37 pm In looking back at the *bets* on page 3, for fledging (, it seems that Tiger suggested Monday, July 6 at 2:25 pm.

Then, if you look at the thread on this page ("Almost a fledge?"), Tiger again posted that he observed Spirit disappear for a time, at that exact time!!! I also checked the observation board and it looks like Tiger may be either clairvoyant or a very lucky guesser!!!

I'm impressed!

Ok, so who's next, and when???? ;-)
Tiger 07/07/04 04:18 am Not quite Shelley. If you look more carefully my guess was 7am on Monday July 5.

So I was out by 7hours 25 minutes.

Shelley 07/07/04 06:39 am Hmmm, you're right. That was in your first guess (the first post in that thread). I guess it was your last guess (last post in the thread) as the one I noticed
Tiger 07/07/04 07:41 am The post you are looking at was not a guess it was posted after the event. It was just that some people questioned whether a flight from the nest to the webcam perch was really a fledge.

Shelley 07/07/04 07:57 am Ahhh, yes. I misread it, I see that now that you point that out. I guess I was a tad overzealous.....

So.. what's the consensus? When is a fledge, actually a fledge????? Was it or wasn't it?

Inquiring minds want to know.....
RonS 07/07/04 08:29 am IMHO a flight to the cam perch and the return to the nest is a flight,i.e., take-off, change altitude and land. That could constitute a fledge. What do the experienced birders say?
Marie 07/07/04 09:20 am Definitely Ron...That is a fledge. Spirit didn't hop to the web cam arm, he flapped his way to it from my obs. The eagles in Kent are doing 'Hopping' to get around from the nest to a nearby branch as too are the ones in Victoria. These birds are called branchers at the moment, but soon they will be called fledglings, once they fly. They literally have to use those wings to get airbourne and flap even for a little while to get from A to B to say they have fledged
Tiger 07/07/04 09:27 am I thought it was a fledge simply because it was a real flight no matter how short.

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