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Thread subject: Fall Migration.
Name Date Message
Marie 07/07/04 01:11 am Fall Migration has begun.(sounds like Winged Migration) It is hard to think of fall in July!!!For some birds it is time to move south. If you are like me, I hate to know that half the year has gone already and also the longest day. It is in July that generally the females of the very tiny shorebirds, Western Sanmdpipers, Least and Semi-palmated sandpipers start moving south. With a strong westerly wind blowing all afternoon here in Victoria it wasn't surprising to see a few early female shorebirds 'PEEPS' at the waters edge as I took my leisurely stroll along the beach tonight to watch the eaglets. It is the females that leave the high artic tundra /Alaska first, leaving the males to take care of the young(smart girls) for a while, as they head south. They use the Pacific flyway corridor building up in numbers that reach hundreds of thousands in the Fraser River Delta. This area is the Vancouver area on the mainland. We never see numbers like that on Vancouver Island, where I live, but those that we see are interesting to watch. One can get quite close to them for they are very intent on feeding. Soon 'OUR OSPREYS 'will experience that need to move south. It appears that Argentina and Chile are two possible places that our ospreys may migrate to.
Celeste 07/07/04 05:33 am Marie, I look forward to reading and learning from any information you give us. I even read it to my husband, who listens a little more intently because of the beautiful place you live in.
Marie 07/07/04 11:34 pm Thanks Celeste. I do enjoy all that you post for me to read when I get up, blurry eyed at 5.45 am. I go strait to the computer to get my fill of the DPOF message board and OBS before I head to work. I can hardly arrive on time anymore due to my total involvement here. Obsessive and compulsive behaviours I now
I have learnt SO much from all of you too and especially from watching the cam. The more eyes that watch, the more 'HAPPENIGS' that get posted for all of us to enjoy. Keep up the good work Celeste.

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