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Thread subject: Obbervation vs Message Board...
Name Date Message
Cecilia 07/07/04 12:52 pm Hi all you osprey addicts! Hope you had a happy 4th!

I just read through 5 pages of messages and observation board posts so I'm all caught up. Thanks so much for all the info! I knew I'd miss the first flight!!! So far I've only heard Spirit fly up to the cam...haven't seen any actual lift-offs.

I did notice that we've all gotten pretty casual about extra information, personal comments etc. on the Obs. Board (probably because I read so many days of posts at one sitting) and I'm surprised that DPOF hasn't reminded us not to do that. (I'm as guilty as any by the way) Thought I'd just mention it here because I know that they like us to keep the Obs. Board somewhat scientific.

I saw in the thread about sexing the chicks the info. about the necklaces and with the pictures that Pam posted (special thanks for that) I can now tell Spirit for sure! So he's a he and the other two are female...I'm so glad that we finally know! I think it's so cool that Spirit got into the air first...I just hope that he learns to fish real fast!

I laughed so hard at all the comments about how fat CZ is and how she is going to have trouble getting off the nest. I'll bet you're right...she will probably be the last to fledge and I'm worried that she might just flop to the
ground :-)

Thanks again for all the great posts...I just love how there seems to be someone on duty 24/7!
Shelley, guilty as charged 07/07/04 01:03 pm and hanging my head in shame....(glad you caught me, Cecilia, before Mickey did, LOL!)

You are right, of course but there are time when we just forget ourselves, being so caught up in what's going on.

Thank you, DPOF, for not sending me to my room (well, actually, I *am* in my room, if you must know...) ;-)
Mickey 07/07/04 01:06 pm welcome back Cecilia you were missed. I think the DPOF people are on a holiday and we`re on our own.Theres no still picture or video clip updates.
I cant imagine what it was like reading through all those obs pages. IMO a certain someone just writes to many personal feelings on the obs page.Ive tired of it myself.So I just skip over her posts now.I mean how many times do you have to politely say that the obs page is for WHAT YOU SEE IN THE NEST ? We`re all adults here for crying outloud. From 1st time visitors you expect this. But over and over again from someone who has been here a while is just a pain in the ass.Thanks for the warning again though.Maybe someone will get the hint !
Pam 07/07/04 01:17 pm I don't remember posting any photos Cecilia - please 'put me in the picture' - ha !
Cecilia 07/07/04 01:56 pm Sorry Pam...I got confused because you posted the site to down load the picture capture software (thanks). Maybe it was Dorthy? I just quickly scrolled through the message bd. again and I didn't see the picture mentioned in the Subject titles so it must be buried in one of the threads. was a picture of our three chicks sitting in the nest, all facing the same way so you could clearly see that two had necklaces and two didn't.

And Mickey...are you having a bad day ? :-( Relax...we're all here to have fun and sometimes we all get carried away. Even you... :-)
Mickey 07/07/04 02:18 pm :) see what I waving to you Cec? :)
Marie 07/07/04 05:13 pm Shelley , don't take all the blame...I am not sure Mickey doesn't mean ME too!!!!! It is as you said, very difficult at times not to get caught up in other assumptions and post them too.

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