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Thread subject: Yes, Marie
Name Date Message
Nancy L 07/07/04 08:48 pm There are plenty of Blue Jays around here!
Marie 07/07/04 10:28 pm Thank you Nancy for replying to my question. Much appreciated. We get one or two Blue Jays here very ocassionally during the winter...A rare bird for Victoria!!!I know their call well for I go to Edmonton x 1 a year and there are plenty of Blue Jays there.
Shelley 07/08/04 08:06 am Blue Jays are very common here in Toronto (in fact, they are the name of our Major League Baseball Team ;-)

Loud and aggressive as they are, though, they can be quite shy, too. I often hear them but only occasionally see them. They have sometimes come to dip into my birdbath. At my school, however, they are plentiful. Before our school became a peanut-free zone (due to life-threatening allergies and the overall sensitivity of some of our students), I used to put peanuts on my window sill and the jays used to land, and eat them, right there! I snapped a wonderful pic of this once!

Last year, was horrible, though. An alarmingly high number of jays (and crows) were affected by the onset of the West Nile virus and the sound of their *silence* was terrible. So sad! I was delighted and am happy to report that I am hearing both species back this year!! Now, if only a jay would molt and leave me a feather or two on my lawn...;-)
Marie 07/08/04 09:21 am Yes Shelley they are a beautiful bird to see, watch and listen to. A feather would be nice, especially a blue one.
Cecilia 07/08/04 12:31 pm We have dozens of Blue Jays who come to our feeders and they aren't one bit shy :-) Noisy, messy, bossy...yes! But so beautiful! Last weekend a baby Jay drove us and his parents nuts with his constant begging. He's as big as they are but his crest is just coming in so he looks like a teenager with a mohawk. He goes up to every Jay that lands to beg and all but his parents chase him away. They drop feathers now and then so I'll save you one for your collection the next time I can get one!
Shelley 07/08/04 01:00 pm Oooo!!! Thank you, Cecilia!!!!!!!! :-)

(do cardinals molt on your lawn, too, lol?? ;-))

Marie 07/08/04 05:35 pm Ahhhhhhh isn't nature FUN. Sure would love a blue feather too, for BLUE is my favorite colour. Have to mail it to me
Cecilia 07/08/04 06:04 pm Okay...I'll look for two Blue Jay feathers!!!
It's funny that you ask about Cardinals Shelley...we have lots of them too and I don't think I've ever found one of their feathers.

Shelley 07/08/04 07:18 pm I've never found either a jay's or a cardinal's feathers either, even around my school (which is located in a wooded ravine area) and sees lots of birds. I've collected many feathers of other birds, geese, sparrows, probably pigeons, and many I'm sure I can't identify. I use them in class, also, the smaller ones, I use in crafts. The construct of the feather is quite an amazing bit of nature, isn't it, when you think of it!

Ah, nature, in general never ceases to fill me with awe!

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