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Thread subject: Interesting Story on Banding
Name Date Message
Tiger 07/08/04 07:39 am Here is an amazing account of the ringing (banding) of the three young ospreys at Loch Garten. It happened on July 5 the same day Spirit took to the sky.

Particularly sad is the news that lots of young ospreys have perished in Scotland because of bad weather.

Also the young ospreys are no respecters of reputations even with the venerable Ron Dennis since he got a momento of encounter in the form of a "rocket".

Also interesting discussion on sexing the young ospreys...seems rather similar to the thoughts here.

Read it all at:
Shelley 07/08/04 08:22 am Thanks, Tiger! This was great. It's great to have another cam/observaton site with which to compare notes, isn't it? I've bookmarked that site now and will check back.

Is this (Wertheim) the only live streaming video cam, does anyone know?
Not that there's anything wrong with the pics that refresh (Kent's eaglecam is like that, too and has a HUGE following) but I guess once we've *tasted* the video, we are spolied for life! It's truly in a class by itself....
RonS 07/08/04 08:31 am Thanks, Tiger. An excellent account.
Tiger 07/08/04 09:17 am Shelley. This is the only true live streaming osprey cam I know. There are lots of the pics every so often variety.

Interesting I suggested the idea of adding a forum to the Rutland Water site at least three years ago and they were negative about the idea.

BTW there has been fierce bad weather in the UK yesterday and today. No doubt it has not been too good for young ospreys. Still it is not as bad as if it had come a month ago.

Shelley 07/08/04 09:43 am True. I have to think "how long can it last??" and just hope the end of the bad weather is just around the corner.

The male there seems to be doing a valiant job of continuing to provide food, though, despite the obstacles in his way. Those chicks owe him their lives! And he deserves the utmost respect!
Tiger 07/08/04 09:48 am It seems that the male osprey (Henry) is a magnificent fisher. Yet in bad weather he struggles to provide enough fish.

Cecilia 07/08/04 10:22 am Thanks Tiger..that is a great site. I loved the writer's tongue in cheek tone.
Celeste 07/08/04 10:33 am I have also enjoyed reading that site...I also am curious if those who are "in charge" of these other "refresh the pics" sites, are observing "our streaming video site" and consider it for themeselves. Of course the funds are necessary. As the DPOF "reminded" us last year, it was because of these sites, (the forefathers in a way), that paved the way for our streaming video. I must admit, that I am "spoiled" with our site, and try viewing the "refresh" ones, but I am not "patient". The only other good streaming video with sound site is the storknest in Germany, which as you know, immediately loads the moment you open the site. I prefer having the choice as we do on this site.

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