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Thread subject: We are so privileged ...
Name Date Message
Pam 07/08/04 06:12 pm ... to watch this beautiful family of birds. They really do seem very special, firstly because three chicks have survived and grown into such handsome birds, and secondly because the parents have been so caring and watchful. What a superb sight they make when Mum and three youngsters are lined up there in the late afternoon sun. We really will miss them when the nest is empty.
Mickey 07/08/04 06:38 pm I couldnt agree more !
Marie 07/08/04 07:15 pm Yes is a very special privilege to observe all the 'SECRETS of Nature' that have been hidden for so long from ordinary folk. With the advent of web cams we now can share in what was previously the 'Domain' of Scientists/ Naturalists. They have had to endure endless, and no doubt very uncomfortable situations, that lasted days/months hidden away in blinds/hides to study their subjects. WE now participate from the warmth of our own homes and often from a comfortable chair.
Tiger 07/08/04 09:27 pm There are sometimes in life when things take a huge leap forward and one knows it immediatly. So it was with this cam. I knew that the world had changed.

I can confidently predict that this is a technology which has a huge future and we will all learn so so much as a result.

Marie 07/08/04 10:24 pm NEW beginnings...
On a wing and a prayer for the safety of OUR wonderful Osprey Family.
They have no idea how much joy and scientific information that they have contributed, during the course of their daily activities. This is science at its best.
RonS 07/08/04 11:12 pm Hey Marie, Tiger, et. al. It's not only the science. Maybe one of the reasons that the females are a bit slow in fledging is the fact that they are carrying so many hearts with each flight!!
Marie 07/08/04 11:46 pm Smile.......
Tiger 07/09/04 03:48 am Awwww Ron that is a lovely thought......even if the real answer is probably too much fish!!

I guess that is a compliment to Dennis.

Celeste 07/09/04 05:10 am There is not a day that goes by that I am not thankful for witnessing the daily events of this nest. Particularly this year with 3 chicks. What an honor and a thrill it has been. Of course the osprey are leading their lives not realizing how many of our hearts they carry with them. I know it is fish Tiger, but I am a sentimental sort!
Tiger 07/09/04 06:51 am At least they miss out the chips! (or maybe people here say French Fries)

You can imagine Cz tucking into a fish supper! :)

Cecila 07/09/04 09:04 am Oh Ron, you always come up with the most poetic thoughts! :-)

I agree with you all...we are so lucky to have had this opportunity - made all the more special by Spirit's survival and stunning upset of the pecking order. What a great PBS special his story would make! We are going to miss these chicks when the time comes :-(
Grace 07/09/04 09:44 am I'm going to miss not only the osprey, but you all as well! This family of birds has brought together a unique group of people who have been able to learn from the birds and each other. I continue to be humbled by the forces of nature, of which we humans are a part of.
Kathy 07/09/04 11:18 am Ron, what a beautiful thought! It certainly has been an interesting and educational year with this family of Ospreys.
Marie 07/09/04 04:57 pm You are right GRACE...
We learn from each other but Nature is the greatest TEACHER...
Marie 07/09/04 05:00 pm William Wordsworth once wrote
"Come forth
into the light of things.
Let NATURE be your

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