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Thread subject: red fish
Name Date Message
Shelley 04/10/04 06:22 am I just checked into the observations from last night and saw Fae's note about the red fish. I saw that, too but had tuned in just seconds before he handed it over to Betty. I know nothing about fish. Does anyone know what kind of fish that was? It didn't look as large as some of the others he's brought home for dinner; it looked like a big goldfish, to me!
Mickey 04/10/04 11:05 am Shelly.....I didnt see the fish so I cant say. I can offer you some info though. This nest is located so that the birds can literally fall out of the nest and into fresh or salt water. The Northern part of the Carmens river is stocked with trout. I doubt if they stock it with goldfish. This nest is also in a area where Im sure people have ponds in their back yards.(goldfish ponds)
But,last year we had a poster who had a nest nearby her property. Not this nest.She said she had a pond that she maintained and kept with these very expensive goldfish. That is until a very wise Osprey found the pond. The Osprey used the pond as its personal sushi bar so we heard. There was also a poster from a Park over in Bohemia? Well this park is where they raise Trout and other fish that the County or State uses to stock waters all over Suffolk County. The poster said that many times Ospreys use the stocking ponds as their little gourmet table. I recently read that Osprey have been known to fly for many miles for food. I can assure you, Dennis+Betty dont have to. I have seen brown and rainbow trout,bluefish,flounder and bait fish at one time or another brought to this nest.
Shelley 04/10/04 05:01 pm Oh my! Well, I'll bet it WAS a goldfish last night! I'd hate to be the owner of the Osprey's sushi bar, that's for sure!

Kathy 04/10/04 08:53 pm If you look at the Archived still pictures, you will see that red fish you are talking about.
The picture is from 4/9 taken at 19:25 and it looks like a gold fish.
Shelley 04/10/04 09:26 pm Thanks for that, Kathy. I had not yet checked that link. But yes, that's exactly the shot I saw when I observed that scene yesterday. And yes, I also think it is a goldfish. Wonder if anyone's pond is a bit emptier today...
Kathy 04/10/04 10:01 pm Shelley, many people will probably have to replace fish in their ponds this summer because of our Ospreys.
Matt 04/10/04 11:17 pm It is not uncommon to find goldfish in other waters. Japanese Koy are a popular goldfish. The problem is they grow very big (5 pounds and more) and people throw them into ponds, lakes, streams, etc.... In a way, its good because the people that throw them into other waters are keeping them alive rather than killing them. But they disrupt the ecosystem there because they are not a native species. So it is a double-edged sword.
Matt 04/11/04 01:48 pm I forgot to add that it certainly is not a native fish in that picture. It looks like a young goldfish or some sort of pond fish.
Tim 04/11/04 08:39 pm I have been maitaining a 1.000 gal fish pond in my yard for 7 years. The pond is aprox. 13ft long and varies in width from 3 to 8 ft.I keep koi and goldfish,that sure looks like a goldfish to me.
Until the leaves break out on the malpe trees in May, coopers hawks and sharpshined hawks attempt to fish from my pond. To disrupte the free lunch I have floated aluminum pie tins on the surface.Seems the reflection from the tins distracts the birds.They hoover, look and most times fly away without attempting to fish.Racoons and cats also attempt to catch my fish.On another note carp were introduced to my pond,,,,where they came from is a mystery but I have 2 in there and I didnt put them there. Maybe a bird carried some eggs on a stick on day?

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