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Thread subject: Question
Name Date Message
Tiger 07/11/04 08:49 pm Which is this such a special osprey chick?
Tiger 07/11/04 09:06 pm Sorry that should have read:

Whiy is this such a special osprey chick?
Shelley 07/11/04 09:33 pm She's a red-head?
She's left-footed?
She's bilingual?

Is this a trick question?
RonS 07/11/04 09:43 pm (S)he's being hand fed? and is next to a human without hood or tether? Is that human Dr. Tiger?
RonS 07/11/04 09:50 pm Because you can get his/her portrait as wallpaper at
Cecilia 07/11/04 09:57 pm She's tame?
She's blanket trained?
She has legs..and knows how to use them? :-)
Or...she's not an osprey from the Holartic region (the north temperate zone)...she's an Australasian osprey?
Marie 07/12/04 01:51 am Is it because she is about to be ringed or banded as we say here. Or fitted with a tracking device? Possibly be reintroduced into England as one of the translocated Osprey chicks.
Tiger 07/12/04 04:06 am Oh what a lovely series of guesses. Ron I think you can get her on wallpaper because she is a special chick!

I love all the suggestions but none of you has stated the answer I have in mind although one of you is quite close.

You can let me know if you want to continue with guesses or you ask for the answer.

Celeste 07/12/04 05:25 am I would tend to agree with Marie...either about to be banded....or its wings measured....Do we get a prize if one of us is correct?
Tiger 07/12/04 07:17 am Well yes it was about to be bande, TRUE but that is not what makes it a very special osprey.

There is no prizes here but if I should think of another teaser I may offer a prize!

Celeste 07/12/04 07:25 am Is that you about to band the chick Tiger?
Tiger 07/12/04 07:35 am Yes Celeste. Sorry about the typo.
Shelley 07/12/04 07:45 am YOU GOT TO BAND A CHICK???!!!!! :-0 How did you ever get so lucky??! Tiger, is this what you do for a living??? You're holding out on us!!

Anything else you'd like to *share*??? ;-)
Tiger 07/12/04 08:19 am Oh SORRY SORRY SORRY. I totally misread what Celeste said. I did not notice the "you" bit.

I have never been that close to an osprey chick or indeed any other osprey :)

Shelley 07/12/04 08:35 am Well, ok, you are forgiven! ;-) I guess I can unruffle my feathers now and quit squawking ;-)

Back to the drawing board, as far as guessing goes....does what makes this osprey so special have anything to do with the fact that it seems to be so tame (just standing there waiting to be banded). Is it injured in some way, unable to fly?
Tiger 07/12/04 09:20 am No as far as I know the chick was in perfect health and while unable to fly at the time the picture was taken, it fledged some weeks later.

In fact that is a point about banding. It has to be done before the chicks get too mobile. Otherwise there is a risk of them jumping out of the nest.

Marie 07/12/04 09:30 am We need another HINT TIGER...before I rush off to work!
Cecilia 07/12/04 09:41 am So...I'm sticking with the possibility that this osprey is not a member of the P. h. carolinesis suspecies (the North american Osprey). Is it a P.h. ridgwayi...the Caribbean subspecies? (Thanks Alan Poole! :-) It doesn't seem possible because they are supposed to have such white heads...and this one sure looks like a red head :-)

Guess I'm stumped!
Shelley 07/12/04 09:43 am Hehe, that was my FIRST guess, it being a red-head! Maybe I'm smarter than I thought, without even knowing it! lol
Pam 07/12/04 11:18 am I thought there was something a bit odd looking about its feet ?
Kathy 07/12/04 12:28 pm Pam, I thought the same thing.
Tiger 07/12/04 02:49 pm Ok a clue. The chick was born in 2001.

Shelley 07/12/04 02:57 pm Could this *chick* be your famous Henry? I don't know how old Henry is today but if this picture is 3 years old, that could be a possibility.....
Celeste 07/12/04 03:03 pm That must be's Henry!
Tiger 07/12/04 03:14 pm No I do not know Henry's age but I suspect it is more than three. This bird must now be an adult if it is alive but I am not aware of anyone having sighted it.

Cecilia 07/12/04 03:20 pm Is this the first chick that was born from a relocated egg?
Celeste 07/12/04 04:01 pm Are the talons on one of her feet facing the "wrong" way? And will we know the answer by the end of the day---Scotland time?
Tiger 07/12/04 04:25 pm Oh I am sure Marie would pounce on it right now if she was here :)

I am slightly confused by your answer Cecilia. To my knowledge there have been at least two relocation experiments involving ospreys if not more.

I am not aware of anything wrong with the talons.

Cecilia 07/12/04 04:55 pm Ohhhhh...something tells me that I might be getting warm :-) Okay, let's see...Is this the first chick from an egg that was relocated to Scotland ?
Tiger 07/12/04 06:22 pm There never has been any birds relacted to Scotland. Ospreys came back naturally in 1954.

Shelley 07/12/04 06:35 pm How many hours ahead of us are you? Five or six? Please don't go to sleep and keep us hanging....! Tell us, please, pretty please??! ;-)
Tiger 07/12/04 07:39 pm Hi Shelley. I am five hours ahead. So it is 12.40am and I will be going to bed in the not too distant future.

The reality is that many of you are very close right now and it depends on whether people like to persevere and have the pleasure of a solution.

Marie 07/12/04 07:41 pm mmmmmmmm Well I am not here!!!! Went to work for Eight hours, and now YOU are asleep by now(TIGER) for you are 8 hrs ahead in London. Guess I will have to look at the BIRD again...and try to figure this out.She shares the Red Head with ME... ;-)) That is one FACT.
I will post later and try to mull over this question 'why she is special'. Perhaps my evening visit with the Eagles might help I go.
Tiger 07/12/04 07:51 pm No I am still here Marie. I guess you still want to have a go.

I will take that as a cue to leave it tonight. I will post the answer when I wake in the morning if no one has figured it out by then.

Lori 07/12/04 09:42 pm was it hatched in captivity? There is no nest in sight. Do they usually remove the chicks from the nest to band and measure?
Lori 07/12/04 09:56 pm Just answered my own question-- watched the clips from the Lake District. Indeed they do take the chicks out of the nest!! So much for that idea
Nancy R 07/12/04 10:01 pm "The chick fledged on 30 July 2001 and was last seen at the nest site on 30 August."

Marie 07/13/04 12:43 am :-))
Your very special Osprey chick TIGER is.......
Ringed with the number... 13(01) Lucky thirteen.!!!
She is the F I R S T osprey chick hatched in central England after a 150 yrs absence of the OSPREY. She is the product of a translocated osprey from Scotland. He was banded with a number (97) and the female he mated with was unbanded. Wonder where she came from?
Your chick was 38 days old at the time of the picture and was being measured, weighed, and banded. The visit to the nest site in order to band her was the one and only they made to that nest. I think that was determined beacause SHE was the only chick in that nest. Two other eggs in the nest weren't fertile. This chick was thought to be a female, because of her size. She was last seen 30 August 2001 before migration
One can see this picture and read the info on her when one types in Rutland ospreys in Google search. I think Nancy R ID first, but she forgot to say it was the very first chick hatched in England after 150 yrs. Did I get the PRIZE. Dr. Tiger
Tiger 07/13/04 03:05 am Yes Marie I think you are definitely the winner here. The answer I had in mind was that it was the first OSPREY HATCHED IN ENGLAND FOR 150 YEARS.

However as so often with these things reality is stranger than fiction. Literally within a few days a second osprey was hatched in England but this time quite NATURALLY. Indeed since the Rutland Water site now say Central England I wonder if there has been a dispute.

Both chicks (each was a lone child) flew south in 2001. The excitement now is if either is to return in 2004. As far as I know neither has been sighted.

However I suppose it could happen any day now. On the other hand both may have perished as so many young ospreys do.

Tiger 07/13/04 03:13 am Thanks to everyone who took part. I hope you all enjoyed it :)

Shelley 07/13/04 06:02 am Thank YOU, Tiger. That was fun (hard, but fun!!) And I didn't even dream of osprey all night! ;-)
Tiger 07/13/04 06:50 am As long as it was fun then it achieved its aim.


Celeste 07/13/04 07:09 am Yikes, I was thinking to say an osprey hatched, when something or someone interrupted that thought as I was using the computer, and then I completely forgot. (hmm that's why I never win a lottery). Well, that was a good brain exerciser Tiger and fun I might add. Thanks!
Celeste 07/13/04 07:10 am Yikes, I was thinking to say an osprey hatched, when something or someone interrupted that thought as I was using the computer, and then I completely forgot. (hmm that's why I never win a lottery). Well, that was a good brain exerciser Tiger and fun I might add. Thanks!
Nancy R 07/13/04 09:47 am Marie, I intentionally did not post more information, I wanted one of the full time posters to "win":-) The search was fun!

I've been a reader mostly, I also followed the DPOF nest last year. I live in Florida, and visually follow our ospreys here. Our ospreys here are sedentary, they do not migrate. After fledging, we don't see the osprey often. This year, the nest closest to us, is completly gone. Destroyed by wind and rain. We still see an osprey occasionally on the nest site, but have no way of identifying it.

With Florida being the lightning capitol of the world (so I've heard), and osprey nests so exposed, I always think of them during our frequent thunder storms.
Marie 07/13/04 10:09 am You are still the Winner in my books Nancy for you had read the article before me and posted your obs first.I had read the article probably a week ago but had forgotten most of it as per usual...ta da! I have to read things at least twice over to retain
Marie 07/13/04 11:00 am Lots of good fun here...Try another one Tiger. Makes us Work too for our other words we have to bring in that aspect called RESEARCH that all you scientists love!!!Thanks for your vote of confidence.
Tiger 07/13/04 01:04 pm Oh no doubt I will have another teaser in time.

Yes of course I agree that you Nancy must have known the answer.

It reminds me of a puzzle site I ran some years ago. There was one guy who was so so good at them. Indeed he had been a lurker until I started the puzzles.

Anyway he was so quick at solving them that I invented the 24 hour rule for him. In other words he was not allowed to answer for 24 hours after the question was asked to give everyone else a chance. He got around it by leaving his answers in code. Some of these codes were harder to break than the puzzles themselves.

Still I had a puzzle which remained undefeated for 91 days!!

At that point I gave the solution.

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