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Thread subject: A day of Natural wonders.
Name Date Message
Marie 07/12/04 02:55 am Today I spent 12 hrs out and about watching nature. It was WONDERFUL. Every Eagle nest I visited had two growing chicks. Not all eagle pairs have nested this year. I know of three pairs locally that didn't. Nature made up the difference by doubling the quota in other nests! Almost all were either fledging or already in another tree beside the nest tree. MY eaglets at the beach were both well away from the nest this morning when I arrived at 8am. They were out at the very edge of the branch they positioned themselves on. None of the two took to the air however, but one thing I noticed was how loud their calls were when begging for food. Watched the parent birds this morning team up and try to capture a sea duck. They were unsuccessful. What a lot of effort went into their hover activity over the unsuspecting duck. It alluded them of course.. ;-))
Watched more shorebirds coming through on migration. 9 Greater Yellowlegs. Checked out the Osprey nests around Victoria. Great looks at the chicks, eating, stretching wings or hovering above the nest. This behaviour was fascinating to watch. Always seem to have just arrived after the male has brought in a fish. The predated nest, had a visit from a female osprey and then a male, while I was there so presumably they were the original mated pair and were just revisiting. They both flew off together. Found one of the FRUSTRATION NESTS that Tiger had suggested I look for. Watched a Killdeer for a long while. She has chicks hidden in the edge of a woodsy part of the lagoon. She was calling to them all the time and they would answer. She also did her broken-wing antic so that we would follow her away from the chck area. A very specific behaviour of Killdeers. Lastly we visted a lake where I had been given info about a Pied-billed Grebe nest and possible baby grebes. Well, sure enough there they were...three of the tiniest chicks on the lake with their parents. The mostly black, fluff balls chicks were seen trying to swallow the tiny fish offered to them. They would keep dropping them from their teeny weeny bills, so the Mom and Dad had to keep diving to retrieve the fish again. So funny to watch. These chicks must have been only a day or two old. The other nest that I had seen a week ago with three eggs in it was completely gone. This little family is probably not going to survive for I saw a raccoon sculking through the lily pads and I know of mink and bigger fish in that lake. Crows were around too so Nature can be precarious. It was still facinating and most entertaining to watch these dear little things attempt to feed and then scramble back in a hurry onto their floating nest.
Back at the beach, early evening I found my eaglets calling loudly for Supper. After waiting for an hour, I too got hungry. Dinner never arrived so I went home. It was a purrrrrrrfect day!
Celeste 07/12/04 05:21 am When I read your "messages" reminds me of what my mother said one would do and how interesting it was sitting "around" the radio on a Saturday night before the event of television. Love it!
Celeste 07/12/04 05:22 am When I read your "messages" reminds me of what my mother said one would do and how interesting it was sitting "around" the radio on a Saturday night before the event of television. Love it!
Celeste 07/12/04 05:23 am the good old "cannot connect" is acting up this am....sorry!
Shelley 07/12/04 08:01 am Thank you so much, Marie! What a wonderful day you had!!

I know if I weren't so lazy, I could go back and search for Tiger's mention of *Frustration* nest and what it is, exactly, because I do remember reading the explanation, just can't remember. But could you give me an abbreviated definition?

(Heehee, as I type this, I have the cam open as well and see CZ flapping her little heart out, hopping from nest bowl to branch and back. I'd say THIS is a *frustration nest*, at the moment...;-). Frustration, anger and loneliness can be powerful motivators...I'm confident that today will be CZ'S day! :-)
Cecilia 07/12/04 09:04 am Oh Marie...what a great sounding day! So much wildlife so must be gorgeous country! Thanks for the "daytrip"!
Marie 07/12/04 09:27 am FRUSTRATION nest is a nest I believe that the Ospreys build when things go wrong with the first batch of chicks or even loss of a clutch of eggs. There just isn't time ususally for them to lay another clutch and complete fledging of chicks before they have to migrate so they build a new nest but it isn't complete by any ones standards. Hopefully they will continue to build this one for it is much lower and in a great location. Yes I would agree CZ must be marrooned in her Frustration nest right now!!!!!!!
RonS 07/12/04 10:01 am What a glorious day!!! Thaks for sharing it with us, Marie.
Marie 07/12/04 07:33 pm Celeste...don't worry I will keep the Eagle stories coming and going... ;-))
As I mentioned before...Victoria is one of the most beautiful places to live and the Climate is relatively balmy all year round. It is very SAFE on the whole. The Pacific waters around here are pretty cold so not recommended for swimming unless under ten yrs old... ;-)) Excellent for scuba diving though. Those little people(children) never seem to feel the COLD when it comes to swimming in the Pacific. Only 500,000 people in our lovely City. We see the Washington State Mountains from here as well as MT.Baker, an active Volcano. (not in my life time I hope!) Mt. St Helen's when it blew up was enough to have heard from even here. Mt.Baker is the most prominent view point on the horizon. When the sky is blue so is the water around here. A beautiful Blue. Lots of little marinas in and around the immediate coastline. Victoria is noted for its many flowers and gardens.... it is called the Garden City of Canada. Many areas are set aside for wildlife. Needless to say it is my kind of city. Not too large and always somewhere to go to just outside of town(20 minutes away) to find tranquility and peace and most of all Bird and wildlife. We get wildlife in town too with deer wandering around the neighborhoods and the occasional Cougar(mountain lion) wandering down town in the winter months!
Birds do put down here to visit on migration and as permanent residents with over 362 different species that can be seen on an annual basis...well that is if all you DO is Bird all day! I wish! I have only been able to list 200 species in any given that's MY CITY and I hope you have enjoyed the little travelogue.
Shelley 07/12/04 07:52 pm *Only* 200 on your list??! LOL! If I see half that many in my entire lifetime, I will be ecstatic!!!

Someday, I WILL make it back out there! The last time I was in Victoria, I was 18!
Lori 07/12/04 09:21 pm Marie, Thankyou for the wonderful description of your day. Don't get home & on the computer till late these summer days so I've been missing alot. You make me long for a vacation! :-)
Marie 07/12/04 11:46 pm You are all welcome...If I can spread a little 'Happiness' around and help make you think of other things rather than the hum-drum of a busy life then I have achieved a great deal...It is my impression that not enough time is set aside by most people, for what ever reason, to really Commune with NATURE. It is not only beautiful to observe but it is a HEALING experience.I have found that this experience affects in a positive way, all systems of the body, so that one naturally feels better. One's senses open up and one sees and hears so much more of this beautiful world we all live in. I am always grateful for my life here and the 'Simplicity' of a life style I chose to live.
Tiger 07/13/04 03:29 am Oh Marie how absolutely fascinating. You actually found a FRUSTRATION NEST.

Oh please remember where it is. It would be fascinating to know whether it actually becomes a real nest next year.

I think some frustration nests do but mostly they are abandoned.

Celeste 07/13/04 05:07 am Once again Marie thank you. Your posts are the ones my husband will "listen" too. (I think he sometimes gets "jealous" that I am "attached" to this site.)
I have always loved just "staring" out of a window and breathing in everything. Thankfully, my husband is also someone who always takes the time to "smell the roses". It is because of him that I experience pristine nature on the lakes in Ontario each year! I am also aware that we are fortunate enough to live in a place where we can see trees, birds etc, and that not everyone has these opportunities. Another reason why this website is special, for those people who don't have a tree outside their window, a bird singing, a nearby park, having the opportunity to "peek" at this cam is "their" window. Because of the DPOF this cam has provided an opportunity to "peek" at this beautiful world that we live in for many who may not have the opportunity for whatever reasons.
Marie 07/13/04 10:02 am Right on Celeste...and Thanks for your wionderful comments.

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